Great Britian Lions announce 45-man national team roster

Initial squad of 75 trimmed down to players on the gameday roster for fixture against Russia

The Great Britain Lions Men’s team has announced the 45 man game day roster to face Russia at 7 pm on Friday 16th September at Sixways Stadium in Worcester. Full international weekend details can be found here.

Head Coach Mike Callan said of selecting the final squad:

“First I want to say that all the players made it amazingly tough on myself and the coaching staff to select the 45 man squad to represent Great Britain. Over the past year, these guys have trialed, practiced and competed at every chance that we had and have raised their level with each practice. It is a great place to be, as a head coach knowing that you can count on any member of your squad to make an impact.

“The staff and I believe that the players we have selected are ready to represent the nation on Friday the 16th of September when we take on Russia and give us the best opportunity to win. They are a hungry bunch of guys and ready to take the field and show what it means to be a player for the Great Britain Lions.”

Great Britain Lions playing squad (alphabetically by position):


  • Josh Adamson (London Blitz)
  • Jerome Allen (London Warriors)


  • Omodeji Alli (London Blitz)
  • Adam Hope (Tamworth Phoenix)
  • Temi Oduyemi (London Blitz)
  • Dwayne Watson (London Warriors)


  • Ben Ashby (Bristol Aztecs)
  • Victor Bama (London Warriors)
  • James Connoley (London Blitz)
  • Kevin Keohane (London Warriors)
  • Thomas Levick (Tamworth Phoenix)
  • Matt Mayer (London Blitz)
  • Ayodeji Ogunkolati (London Blitz)
  • Azmi Sbati (London Blitz)


  • Ben Burslem (Tamworth Phoenix)
  • Jack Daley (London Blitz)
  • Charlie Joseph (London Blitz)
  • Alex Laird (London Blitz)
  • Sam Rogers (London Blitz)
  • Harry Routledge (Merseyside Nighthawks)
  • David Saul (Potsdam Royals)
  • Tim Thomas (Seinajoki Crocodiles)


  • Jamie Charles (London Blitz)
  • Ade Kamson (London Warriors)
  • Nial Scott (London Warriors)
  • Josh Vines (London Blitz)
  • Steve Wilson (East Kilbride Pirates)
  • Rodon Zeqiri (London Blitz)


  • James Armah (Bristol Aztecs)
  • Matt Eva (London Blitz)
  • Fab Gargiulo (London Blitz)
  • Alex Haldane (London Warriors)
  • Jake Harbon (Tamworth Phoenix)
  • Alasdir Jarvis (Tamworth Phoenix)
  • Ariel Mofondo (London Warriors)
  • Jonell Pelle (London Blitz)


  • Josh Amis (London Warriors)
  • Emir Battaloglu (Tamworth Phoenix)
  • Enoch Hankombo (London Blitz)
  • Ashley Hopkinson (Stirling Clansmen)
  • David Jennison (Potsdam Royals)
  • John Kenyon (Potsdam Royals)
  • Daniel McKenzie (London Warriors)
  • Sam Obi (London Warriors)
  • Leslie Oluwole-Wilson (London Warriors)


  • Mike Callan (Head Coach)
  • Tony Athersmith (Offensive Coordinator)
  • Wayne Hill (Defensive Coordinator)
  • Anthony Fitzpatrick (Offensive Line)
  • Paul Summers (Defensive Line)
  • Paul Cooper (Running Backs)
  • Ross Templeton (Linebackers)
  • Stuart Miller (Wide Receivers)
  • Martin Hilton (Defensive Backs)
  • Aston Ellington (Special Teams Assistant)
  • Offensive Graduate Assistants: Toby Chesters, Ben Barker, Neale McMaster and Greg Adam
  • Defensive Graduate Assistants: Simon Hatcher, Kit Lawson, Maxwell Petijan and Andy Starling
  • Medical Staff: Beverly Analuwa, Sarah Harrison, Lara Natasha Gargiluo and Marieke Das
  • Operations Manager: Tom Kharchi

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