Greatest trick plays in football history

Trick plays.

Some call them gadget plays. You gotta love them. When they work. Or hate them.

Every offensive coach has one or two in his playbook.

Defenses like to think that once a team starts using trick plays, you have them beat. Except when they work.

There are plenty of compilations of trick plays and here is just one.

This collection includes Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan’s fake field goal pass for a TD triggering a comeback win by the Seahawks over Green Bay in 2015. And Kansas City Chief’s Albert Wilson direct-snap TD on a fake punt against the Atlanta Falcons in 2016. And many more in between.

And who can forget the package of tirck plays that Boise State used to beat Oklahoma to win the 2007 Fiesta Bowl?

Do you use trick plays? If so we would like to see them. We will put together a collection of the best trick plays from all over the world.

Send an email with a link to your best trick play to [email protected].


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