Guide: How To Bet On Live Football?

Football betting involves picking a game, carefully analyzing the team and the possible outcomes, and trying your best to predict the right outcome. However, you also need to know the right time to place a bet in order to get maximum value. That’s why most people choose to place live bets at Betway, though it’s not as easy as it may seem at first.

While placing a live bet is as simple as betting on a pre-match event, you must understand that the dynamics of the two markets are quite different. However, new punters need not worry as we’ve got five pro tips to increase your chances of winning live bets.

5 Professional Live Betting Tips To Boost Your Winning Chances

  1. Do Your Homework

Betting is all about gathering and analyzing information. However, the main difference with live betting is that everything happens faster and there are lots of factors to consider. As such, live betting is favorable to punters who understand the sport best and the teams playing. That means successful punters don’t wait until the whistle blows to begin researching the game.

As a beginner, get familiar with the game and concentrate on the sports you know best. Don’t forget you’ll need enough time to brush up your knowledge on both sides before the game begins and be aware of the factors that might affect the gameplay.

  1. Get In The Right Zone

While the internet and online bookies like give the punters the ability to spread their bets as wide as possible, that doesn’t work with live betting. Whether you’re streaming the game from an app or watching it at the stadium, you need to be in the right zone to devote as much time as possible.

  1. Understand Momentum Swings

Momentum swings are a major determining factor of the betting odds. However, they’re measured across the whole season or tournament before the game starts. As such, if the underdog takes an early lead in the game while appearing to dominate over the favorite, the bookies will give the favorites better odds if they seem to be losing. Nonetheless, some teams have known to be late performers and a wise punter could benefit immensely from the momentum swings.

  1. Remain Vigilant About Special Bets

Before the game begins, it’s common for punters to wager on the score, the outcome and the players that might score. Beyond that, most people don’t care about other markets like corner kicks conceded or cards that will be shown. However, live betting punters can benefit from such special markets, as it’s easy to know how likely certain events might occur, as you watch the game. All you need is to understand these dynamics and you’ll have an edge over the bookmakers.

  1. Back The Losing Favorite

This simple live betting strategy ensures that you get the best odds on a team that is an outright favorite. In most cases, the odds on favorites are very thin, but you can make the most out of such a game if you understand the concept of momentum swings. All you need to do is wait until the team has conceded a goal or a few and then wager on a draw or for it to win despite the goal difference.

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