Harry Kane desires to be an American football player

Harry Kane is an ardent fan of American football. Recently, the English striker has revealed his dream of playing in the NFL football tournament.


At the age of 25, Harry Kane is playing an increasingly important role in both Tottenham and England. The Tottenham star admitted he had a great passion for American football. He even named the dogs after two idols, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson. In particular, Kane admires Tom Brady, who won the NFL championship six times and inspired Kane to want to come to this sport.


In February of this year, Harry Kane went to watch Super Bowl 2019 in the United States. In an interview with ESPN, the Tottenham striker confirmed his desire to play in the NFL.


 “It is true!”, said Harry Kane about his desire to compete in the NFL. He thought that he could move to play American football in the next 10-12 years. Harry Kane said his motivation to play in the NFL comes from watching players like Tom Brady play. According to Kane, Tom Brady is his idol. He witnessed Tom Brady winning the 6th Super Bowl title with the New England Patriots. One thing in common between Kane and Brady is that when they were young, they were not appreciated, but later, both of them achieved success.


Harry Kane shared not many people thought that Brady would be an excellent American football player or even play in the NFL. But after all, he had become the greatest player, that really motivated him so much. What Kane said is absolutely true because of the fact that very few people think Brady will succeed in American football. Even at NFL betting sites, namely NFL Betting Indiana, players still underestimate Brady’s ability. However, it was his technique that helped him assert his position and become one of the best players today.


This season, Harry Kane has scored 17 goals in 26 appearances in the Premier League. With what has been declared, Harry Kane can switch to playing American football after retiring as a player. In American football, a kicker position is very suitable for Harry Kane. However, players in this position are often paid very low compared to the players in other positions (about 1 million USD/year). But Harry Kane has also stated that he plays American football, not for money, he confessed: “I want to play in the NFL for the sake of becoming the best player, not for the money.”


In the context that Tottenham is not playing well recently, information related to the future of these team pillars continues to appear. After reports of a possible move to midfielder Christian Eriksen or head coach Mauricio Pochettino to Real Madrid, striker Harry Kane appeared in the press.


The Telegraph said Tottenham President Daniel Levy offered £250 million to any club that wanted Harry Kane. The move comes as the British striker recently made the message of wanting to conquer the titles.


Kane started playing for Tottenham in 2009 and has yet to win a career title. The management began to worry about the possibility that Kane might leave. Will this help Kane continue to fulfill his dreams? Let’s follow him!

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