Has Johnny Manziel earned the starting QB job with Montreal Alouettes in 2019?

TORONTO — After a flurry of quarterback signings, the debate of the off-season in Montreal has already gotten started: Will Johnny Manziel be the Alouettes’ starter in 2019?

Manziel’s first season in the three-down game has been quite the adventure, from a blockbuster trade to throwing four picks in his debut to losing his starting job altogether.

The 25-year-old has played well since reclaiming the top job, completing 65.8 per cent of his passes, averaging 8.4 yards per attempt and throwing four touchdowns with three interceptions over five starts.

Most recently, Manziel threw for 139 yards and a touchdown in a half of action, picking up his first CFL win, 40-10 over the Toronto Argonauts.

Still, questions about Manziel’s future refuse to go away. The Als have indicated a full-fledged quarterback controversy is in the works for 2019, signing Jeff MathewsAntonio Pipkin and Vernon Adams Jr. to extensions. Matthew Shiltz is also in the plans for next season.

Meanwhile, Manziel’s contract has just one more season. Lurking in the minds of the front office has to be whether Manziel has any intent to return beyond his current two-year contract.

Has the Alouettes quarterback earned the starting job in 2019? The writers weigh in with the latest from The Weekly Say:

Has Johnny Manziel earned the starting QB job in 2019?

Johnny Manziel had his best game in the CFL in Week 20, leading the Alouettes to a 40-10 win over the Toronto Argonauts (Photo: The Canadian Press)

Marshall Ferguson: I think so, Montreal doesn’t seem to.

Jeff Krever: Yes. The progression from week to week is obvious, and the Alouettes are a better team when he’s behind centre. He’s definitely the most talented QB in the room. If he can have a quiet off-season, stay out of trouble and say all the right things, this shouldn’t even be a debate.

Jamie Nye: NO! There is nothing in Manziel’s game that warrants the No. 1 job to be handed to him. He’ll have to show up to camp and look much better and have a better control of the offence. You still see rookie mistakes from Manziel that lead to turnovers. The competition right now isn’t that stiff.. I think they’re all on the same level but this can’t be Johnny’s job to lose. He has to earn it.

Don Landry: No he has not. He’s earned a spot on the roster is all. Antonio Pipkin has just as strong a claim and there should be a camp battle to decide who’s number one.

Matthew Cauz: No, not even close. Hard to have faith in Manziel when the Alouettes organization had already planned on giving reps to Antonio Pipkin (who signed a two-year extension the other day) in the second half against the Argonauts. He still has a chance to be the full-time starter, but as of now ain’t nothing guaranteed.

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