Helvetic Guards edge Barcelona Dragons in overtime to win 1st game in franchise history

The Helvetic Guards earned their first victory in franchise history as they defeated the Barcelona Dragons 22-19 in an overtime thriller at home.

The Guards opened the scoring on a Nils Jonkmans field goal, but Barcelona answered with a passing touchdown from quarterback Conor Miller to receiver Theodor Landstrom.  The second quarter, though, was one-sided in favor of the Swiss team, as they outscored the visitors 13-0 thanks to a Silas Nacita receiving touchdown and a pair of Jonkmans field goals.  This allowed the Guards to take a 16-7 lead into halftime, which was a new experience for the team that had lost its first five games.  

In the third quarter, the Dragons tied the score with a field goal and a Jordi Torrededia receiving touchdown (the extra point was no good).  Barcelona kicker Luis Cereceda gave his team the lead with a chip shot field goal with just under six minutes remaining in the game, but Jonkmans responded with an impressive 57 yard field goal to tie the game in the last two minutes.

Helvetic Guards K Nils Jonkmans lining up for a FG. Photo: Gamepass

The game went to overtime, where the rules are similar to those found in the NCAABarcelona got the ball first, but Miller was intercepted on the goal line by Maceo Beard, giving the Guards the chance to win the game with any score.  However, Jonkmans showed he was human, and missed a 35 yard field goal.  The Guards got possession again, and this time Jonkmans kicked a 37 yard field goal.  Barcelona got the ball back with a chance to win or tie the game.  They facefourthth down and four from the 18 yard line and elected to go for it rather than attempt a field goal.  Miller’s pass to Landstrom was broken up by Beard, and the game was over.

The Guards won the game despite not exceeding 100 passing yards or 100 rushing yards.  Their defense put on a great performance, forcing three turnovers and numerous stops on third down.  Guards quarterback Skylar Noble was making his debut with the team and completed 14 of 17 passes for 117 yards and a touchdown.  The hero of the game was undoubtedly Jonkmans, who booted five field goals, including the clutch kick from long range to send the game into overtime.

Unfortunately for the Guards, they have a much tougher challenge next week as they host the undefeated Stuttgart Surge.  Barcelona will look to helt its three game losing skid as they host the Raiders Tirol.

A current student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carter played football in high school and has been a lifelong avid football fan.