Historic, first-ever LFA-Canadian draft to play pro football in Mexico

 As part of the Canadian Football League’s (CFL) ongoing partnership with the Liga de Futbol Americano Profesional (LFA), at least 16 Canadians will be selected to join Mexico’s premier professional football league at the first-ever LFA Canadian Draft on November 1.

The eight member clubs of the LFA will each select a minimum of two players to fill reserved roster spots for Canadians during the upcoming 2020 LFA season. Additional selections can be made at the LFA’s discretion. The player pool is comprised of the top Canadian players who are currently CFL free agents and have indicated a desire to play in Mexico.

CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie:

“We’re thrilled for this next exciting step in our partnership with the LFA. These young men will have the opportunity to continue learning the game and honing their skills in a competitive environment.”

President of the LFA, Oscar Perez:

“Our collaboration with the CFL has allowed a number of our players to showcase the wealth of talent and the passion for football in Mexico. We cannot wait for Canadians to take in this experience first-hand as they continue their football journeys, and as we learn and grow together.”

In 2019, the CFL featured designated ‘global players’ from countries outside the U.S. and Canada on its nine member clubs – a first for the league. Next season, the number of global players per team will grow from up-to-three to as many as five.

As the CFL continues to deepen its international footprint and introduce new pathways for Canadians to play, it has also partnered with the leading gridiron football federations and leagues in AustriaGreat Britain, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway along with FranceGermany, Italy and is in discussions with others.

“Through these meaningful collaborations, we’re continuing to grow the game by creating opportunities for football players beyond their own borders and around the world,” Ambrosie said.

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