History of the NFL Super Bowl

American football is arguably the most popular sport in the United States of America as the majority of the people in the United States claim it to be their favorite sport. The highest number of audiences recorded in the United States for a football match is 67,591 which is the highest across all sports in the United States. The sport is very popular because it starts at the grassroots level, that is from the high school level to the collegiate level and international arena. The professional Football League in the United States is the National Football League (NFL), which is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams, which are divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). A regular NFL season consists of a Wild Card Round, Divisional Round, Conference Championship and the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl is probably the most popular.

What is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) since 1966 when the first Super Bowl game was played, replacing the NFL Championship Game. The Super Bowl match is played between the AFC champion and the NFC champion. The Super Bowl game is hosted by a different city each and every year. The Super Bowl game day has become something like an unofficial American holiday because on that very day, people will be holding parties in their homes, taverns, and restaurants throughout America. The build up to the match is also massive as it will be trending on all media platforms, both digital and print, the atmosphere at the game itself is always electrifying and is characterized by halftime ceremonies and entertainment adding to the appeal. The Super Bowl is broadcast in more than 170 countries, making it one of the most watched games in the world.

When did the Super Bowl start?

The Super Bowl game started in the year 1966 is played on the first Sunday in February each and every year. In its initial stages, the Super Bowl was originally called the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game but it was soon renamed ‘Super Bowl’.

Who has won most Super Bowl titles?

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots have won the most Super Bowls, with a total of six Super Bowl titles each.

Which teams have won it in the past 5 years?

The Super Bowl is very competitive and over the past five years, no team has managed to defend their title and this means that this makes the league entertaining because there are no clear favorites who would be handed the title before the season even begins. Below is a list of the winners of the past 5 seasons:

2017 – New England Patriots
2018 – Philadelphia Eagles
2019 – New England Patriots
2020- Kansas City Chiefs
2021 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Which teams could win the Super Bowl in the 2022 season?

It is always difficult to do this, but the best Super Bowl 2022 Prediction, is the The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are the bookmaker’s favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2022 because they have one of the best squads in the NFL.

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