Hockey Players Could Be Football Players

A lot of different factors contribute to what sports a kid plays growing up. One huge factor is location, location, location. A child raised in Minnesota has a much higher chance of playing hockey than American Football, and vice-versa for a kid from Alabama. But are the two sports really so different? Yes, and No. From an athletic standpoint the two sports are eerily similar and can be helpful to each other in developing well rounded athletes instead of these one sport participants of the millennial class.


You need speed, agility, strength, explosion, and great reaction to be one of the great ones. What sport am I describing? Both football and hockey develop these attributes in their athletes in the hopes of being the next great player. I’m no hockey player, but I live in Finland (Shout out to KooKoo) so I’ve seen my fair share of hockey players and what they do to prepare for their sport. Hockey players live in the gym. You can find them in there squatting, deadlifting, and power cleaning like football players (usually with much better form) and body builders alike. But it doesn’t stop there, Hockey players are great at pushing that weighted sled and box jumps. I know none of these things are sport specific, but if this is what they do in the off season,. imagine how easy it would be for a hockey player to physically adjust to playing football!


One thing that newbies to football usually have trouble with is the huge helmet, shoulder pads, and leg pads. Hockey players have the exact same gear at slightly different size ratios. A hockey player trying football doesn’t feel out of place wearing the equipment or even doing the basic drills of football, all they have to do is learn the game! Usually these players will understand how to use these pads as well.


Falling on frozen ice, no problem? Great, falling on soft grass should be no problem! Hockey is a sport that legally lets you fight (I think this is only in the NHL) during the game. That type of toughness definitely will help a player on the football field. Ankle sprains, wrist sprains, and missing teeth are often the result of a hockey game played well. Substitute those missing teeth for a few headaches and you are ready to play football. Hockey tough will make Football tough seem easy.


Certain sports result in specific physical attributes that can be aesthetically pleasing to the average person. Football players and hockey players share a lot of similar attributes that most people do not notice because the sports are celebrated in different regions separately. Take a look at some of these professional athletes to truly understand the similarities.

Odell Beckham Jr – NFL Wide Receiver

Odell Beckham Jr CREDIT: Carlos Serrao, ESPN Magazine

Adrian Peterson – NFL Running Back

Photo: ESPN Magazine

Martin St. Louis – Former NFL Left Wing

Photo Credit: Espn Magazine/Dustin Snipes

Chris Chelios – Former NHL Defenseman

Photo Credit: Muscle Prodigy

Perfect Pervis is a football enthusiast from Texas City, Texas. Perfect currently resides in Finland, playing & coaching American Football and writing a blog about the football culture in Europe.