Honduras: The Era of Women’s American Football

Honduras has proudly introduced the long awaited Liga de Football Americano Femenina de Honduras (LFAFH). The recently formed women’s league consists of four teams: Blitzkrieg F.A., Dark Angels F.A., Lobas F.A., and Queens F.A.


The first game of the inaugural 2016-2017 championship calendar was held on Sunday, November 13th at Campo de Pelota Lempira Reyna, Tegucigalpa, Honduras with Dark Angels F.A. shutting out Blitzkrieg F.A. by a score of 14 0.


Dark Angels F.A. – Game 1


#20 Katherine Suazo scored the historic first touchdown and a conversion followed by #88 Fabiola Ramos.

The second touchdown of the game was scored by #88 Fabiola Ramos with a failed conversion attempt.

Dark Angels F.A. Sacks: 3 – Katherine Hernández, 1 – Neli Espinoza, 1 – Pamela Alvarenga, 1 – Sara Gómez + Interceptions

President of LFAFH and Dark Angels F.A., Raquel Gómez:

After a decade of waiting for many women, we started a new stage, a new cycle in women’s sport giving our first pioneers in American football a very pleasant feeling full of adrenaline. November 13th we had the first of many games to come. With the support of our brothers from the Federacion Nacional de Football Americano de Honduras (FENAFAH), Dark Angels F.A. and Blitzkrieg F.A. entered the field to give the maximum. The players all made the best of their efforts and two players in particular stood out: Dark Angels F.A., Katherine Suazo and Fabiola Ramos who were the scorers of this game in a sport that is our passion and in which little by little we continue to learn.


Lobas F.A. – Game 2

Game 2

The Queens F.A. debut resulted in a forfeited game against Lobas F.A. because some of the players couldn’t participate as they were incapacitated with injuries sustained from playing in other sports. Therefore the team couldn’t complete the minimum roster requirement by LFAFH regulations. The penalty is a touchdown in each game quarter resulting in a forfeit score of Lobas F.A. 24 Queens F.A. 0.

Game 3

After having to reschedule the week 3 game to the following week because of a stadium scheduling conflict, the Queens F.A. had to regrettably forfeit yet another game. This time, the forfeit against the Dark Angels F.A. was for the same reasons as previously in Game 2. The resulting forfeit score of Dark Angels F.A. 24 Queens F.A. 0, was in accordance with the LFAFH regulations.


Blitzkrieg F.A. – Game 4

Game 4

The league closed out 2016 with a game held on Sunday, December 18th. This time the Blitzkrieg F.A. reined in the win with a final score of 16 8 against Lobas F.A.

Blitzkrieg F.A. players #95 Gladys Calix and #90 Claritza Láinez each scored a touchdown with #10 Gaby Laura for two conversions. Lobas F.A. player #35 Cristina Hernández scored both the touchdown and conversion for her team.

Blitzkreig F.A. Defensive – Interceptions: #90 Claritza Láinez (2 for 70 yards) and
#13 Leyla Irias (1 for 35 yards)

Lobas F.A. DefensiveFumble Recovery: #5 Alejandra Aceituno

Blitzkrieg F.A. outstanding player of week 4 QB #10 Gabriela Molina.


On the Horizon

Game 5 is set to take place on Sunday, January 8th with Lobas F.A. facing their first encounter against Dark Angels F.A.. The 12-week regular game calendar will wrap-up on February 26th with the semifinal game scheduled for March 5th, and the 1st LFAFH Championship on March 12th.

The LFAFH has already begun developing a new team, Valkirias F.A. that is expected to compete in the 2017-2018 LFAFH championship calendar.


The Genesis of the LFAFH by Juan Raskoff:

As president of FENAFAH, I had been involved over the years with the establishment of the various leagues under the FENAFAH banner. I had heard from some of the women flag football players that they would like to play contact football. I than began the process, with my wife Flavia Raskoff, to form a team called Lobas F.A.. Shortly thereafter, I started to collaborate with Raquel Gómez who had already begun the process of developing the Dark Angels F.A.. Queens F.A. was formed with players from the Vikingas F.A. team who had previously played against the women’s American football ‘Costa Rica All Stars’ during May of this year. Athenas Castro was the driving force behind the creation of the final team formed, Blitzkrieg F.A.

The four representatives of the newly formed teams scheduled a meeting with me, as being the president of FENAFAH, to establish the framework of the new league. We formalized the league and competition regulations, the election of referees and the championship calendar. I offered the teams my full support to make the first women’s league a reality!

The LFAFH has acquired the support of two Honduran organizations whose involvement has been pivotal to the success of the league.

Confederación Deportiva Autónoma de Honduras (CONDEPAH) is an organization that rules all sport federations. The FENAFAH and LFAFH are recognized by the CONDEPAH. The organization assists with financial support to acquire uniforms and arrange venues to use for audiovisual clinics. The organization also provides temporary accommodations for the athletes, without cost, during specific tournaments.

Comisión Nacional Pro Instalaciones Deportivas (CONAPID) is a government organization that manages the stadiums and fields. The organization allows the FENAFAH and LFAFH the opportunity to use the venues at a very low cost or no cost at all.

LFAFH Pioneers:

Blitzkrieg F.A. – Athenas Castro

Dark Angels F.A. – Raquel Gómez

Lobas F.A. – Flavia Raskoff

Queens F.A. – Ex-Vikingas F.A. Players

LFAFH Board of Directors:
President: Raquel Gómez
Vice-President: Paola Gómez
Treasurer: Blanca Huete
Secretary: Flavia Raskoff
E-mail: [email protected]

LFAFH has provided all the photographs/images for this article.

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