How can the Rams win with Stafford?

The Los Angeles Rams found a gem in the quarterback after landing Matthew Stafford in a trade from the Detroit Lions during the offseason.

Stafford signed with the Rams for one reason only: to earn a chance and win in the Super Bowl. That was made clear as soon as the team went on to land him, and it seems that they are primed for that title chase in the coming season.

The Rams are now seen as one of the biggest contenders in the league after landing Stafford. GM Les Snead made a huge call in trading away Jared Goff and a handful of picks for the Lions’ star QB. This time, the odds are in their favour with a much bigger roster in play for the squad.

In the current offseason of American football, latest news suggests that the Rams do look pressured to come up with a huge run in the upcoming season later this year.

Trusting Stafford

Snead claimed that taking the risk was very much worth it since the team found a better reason to play better. With Stafford leading the way, there is so much promise for the squad in the coming years.

‘That’s what we try to do. If we think it can help us on Sunday afternoons both in the short and long term, we’re gonna try to do it. It’s all a bet’, Snead said. ‘Not every bet is going to work out.

We certainly feel like some of the bigger bets have a relatively good chance of working out or we wouldn’t make them’.

Snead claimed that Goff was enough to push the Rams into the Super Bowl, but not enough to put the team into its full potential. The GM had to concede the 2016 overall pick and said that it was really hard at first. However, with Stafford’s signing, they’re fired up for a whole new season.

Snead’s Big Calls

To make matters a little bit in favour of Snead, the next QB drafted in the same year, Carson Wentz, was also traded this season. The GM and the Rams are looking beyond after trading Goff and landing a much hungrier star in Stafford.

‘I don’t think we did it thinking two years. ‘Based on Stafford’s age, you can legitimately think five to seven, eight years if you look at what Drew (Brees) has done’, Snead said. ‘I don’t feel like we’re going to get into Tom Brady, right? With quarterbacks of his pedigree, a lot of those guys have played, right, into their late 30s, for sure’.

The GM took that big leap and risked the future of the Rams in that trade. However, landing Stafford is a huge win. That makes the star a long-term leader and the future of the squad. Everything rests on the progress that Stafford and the Rams will make in the coming season.

Stafford will surely have to embrace the pressure. There is a lot at stake for the Rams in getting him into the roster. The star QB has what it takes to win a lot of games for the team, and that means a lot for their chances of making it to the Super Bowl at the very least. That should make the Rams a huge trend in American football, latest news, and even social media as well.

After all, the Rams looked poised for a bigger playoff run in the coming season. Stafford will surely play a huge role in pulling off a string of wins for them. This might actually be the chance that the star has been waiting for, and it is safe to say that he won’t surely waste it.

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