How covid19 changed the Galway entertainment industry

Galway is not the first town a typical tourist would think of, but traveling enthusiasts definitely know about this entertainment epicenter in Ireland. You can recognize the place by the River Corrib, beautiful landscapes, and a superior portfolio of leisure activities.

But that was before Covid-19.

Fast forward to 2021 and you will still see beautiful landscapes in Galway, but can you enjoy all of its entertainment features? The short answer is: Not so much. However, the topic requires additional explanations and we will discuss how the coronavirus pandemic changed the Galway entertainment industry. Let’s take a look!

Galway: The Basics

Some readers are not familiar with Galway, so we begin by explaining the basics.

Galway is a city in the western region of Ireland and it has a population of just below 80 thousand. The city is already nine centuries old as it developed around the fortification built in 1124. Although windy, Galway is known for its modest climate and long summer days.

Local authorities are taking culture very seriously and investing in all sorts of events and organizations, so it’s not a surprise to learn that Galway earned the status of the European Capital of Culture last year. Besides that, Galway was named the European Region of Gastronomy back in 2018.

How about sightseeing and entertainment?

The average tourist will find so many interesting things to do and places to visit in Galway. The whole town is packed with beautiful sightseeing positions and you should definitely plan your stay thoroughly in order to see and discover everything.

Walking around town will get you through some of the most famous buildings in Galway, including Lynch’s Castle, the Church of Ireland St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, the Hardiman Hotel, the Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas, the Browne Doorway, and many more.

If museums are your primary entertainment method, you definitely need to visit the Galway City Museum and the Nora Barnacle House Museum. For all those waiting for the information about the website Gamblizard and other online entertainment channels – do not worry as we are about to discuss it in the next chapter. At the moment, we need to focus on Galway’s major fun and amusement places.

Firstly, you will love the city’s small and shady bars and pubs. If you visit places such as the Galway Shawl, Monroe’s Tavern, or the Roisin Dubh, you will have the opportunity to listen to amazing melodies of traditional Irish music.

Those who plan their trip to Galway very carefully – and that means paying it a summer visit – remember to book your ticket to the Galway Arts Festival in July or Galway Race Week in August.

Galway Entertainment in the Age of Coronavirus

Let us be clear about one thing straight away – Galway offline entertainment is still there. However, the sad truth is that tourists have a much harder time planning and organizing their trips to Ireland due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is exactly why so many locals and foreign tourists turn to online entertainment channels and analyze the ranking of UK online casinos. The idea is simple – they are looking for ways to have fun safely and securely. There are a handful of activities people can do for amusement, but here are the most popular options for people from Galway and tourists who want to avoid the crowd.

  • Online casinos

The online casino industry in Galway and beyond is thriving because players want to continue with their gambling habits as usual. Luckily enough, there are dozens of high-quality online casino websites and apps you can use to play poker, blackjack, slots, and many other games.

  • Online gaming

Similar to gambling, online gaming is also one of the most popular entertainment activities during the lockdown. It’s easy to figure out why – developers are publishing hundreds of new titles every month and literally everyone can find a game that suits his personal interests.

  • Online betting

You probably saw this one coming! After all, we are talking about online entertainment models and it’s impossible to skip bookmakers here. If you are a genuine sports fan – and you should be – online bookies allow you to place wagers on your favorite teams or players in thousands of leagues and hundreds of disciplines. All you have to do is choose your favorite and place wagers.

  • Virtual tours

Some tourists are eager to visit Galway museums, but they are really afraid of getting infected. There is an easy solution to the problem – take a virtual tour to see what’s going on in Galway museums.

  • Social networking

Finally, we have an advice for youngsters who don’t like our previous suggestions. You are free to continue your social networking activities in Galway, so let it be your entertainment of choice if you really can’t find anything else to do over there.

The bottom line

The world as we know it today is much different than 15 months ago, courtesy of the coronavirus pandemic. Needless to say, it made a serious impact on the city of Galway in Ireland and changed its entertainment industry. Although Galway still runs a mighty entertainment business, it isn’t as successful as it used to be only a year or two ago.

But the solution comes in the form of online entertainment and the city now hosts an entire set of digital entertainment platforms. Offline and online activities are by no means the same, but the truth is that both components will have to merge and work together to service the needs of the customers in this ever-changing world. Galway is the best example of how they can work together successfully.


Leslie Alexander is a content lead and a full-time member of the Gamblizard team.  She is an expert in blogging and online casinos. Apart from content creation, Leslie enjoys traveling and long-distance running.

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