How Did You Watch Super Bowl 50?

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 160 million (!!) people tuned in around the world to watch the Denver Broncos eke out a gritty 24-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, whether they watched it on Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening or some time Monday morning.

Fans gathered with friends in neighborhood taverns, or enjoyed parties at home. Many rose in the middle of the night or watched the game eating breakfast. The game was viewed all over the globe.  Everywhere from London to Moscow, Hong Kong to Rio de Janeiro, Mongolia to South Africa and Berlin to Tokyo the every growing family of football fans around the world found a way to watch the game.

We’re curious here at American Football International.

We know how the Hong Kong Cobras, who are shown the photo, celebrated.  How did you watch the game? Where did you go? Whatever way you viewed the biggest single event in American football, we would like to know.

Send us your photos and tell us where you were when Denver won their third Super Bowl on the 50th anniversary of the game.

Email them to us at [email protected].

We’ll share your stories with the world!

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