How do you bet on American football?

Among the reasons that can encourage us to know what sports are: increasing coexistence with our fathers, brothers, cousins ​​or partners. Likewise, we can understand more clearly why this sport makes them filled with lots of emotions. But perhaps the most motivating reason for understanding sports is … Don’t have to wait part time – like what happens in the Super Bowl – to be able to enjoy.

American football

The game lasts one hour, divided into 4 rooms each 15 minutes. But the game can last up to 3 hours because the frequency of the game stops due to problems such as: handkerchief, down payment, setbacks and game revisions. There are 22 members, for each of the 11 teams to play attack (those responsible for making points), and 11 members defend (those in charge prevent them from scoring points).

Before each match, a “flyer” is thrown so that the team that wins the ball, chooses whether to kick or receive the ball – that is, if it starts with a defense or a violation -; the losing team chose the court.

All games begin with the “soccer practice” line, where both teams are formed. The ball is placed on the field and the player called “center” is the person who starts service, under the command “quarterback” or field marshal. Etc…

But we’re not here to discuss the technicalities of American football. We will discuss how you can bet on it!

Do you want to bet, but you don’t know how? You can learn gambling by accessing Casino Canada but here we will tell you everything you need to know before starting to bet money on star leagues like the NFL. Find out all the markets available at home betting to start playing. Join us in this article, How do you bet on American football? Let’s go there!

There are many American soccer leagues around the world, but the most popular at home betting is the NFL, the National Football League. The market is very wide and you can bet on a number of moves, which we will explain below.

How do you bet on American football?


The National Football League consists of 32 teams, divided into two conferences, National and American. 17 matches are played per team in 17 weeks and each breaks for a week. Each conference consists of 4 divisions, north, east, south and west, each with 4 teams.


The best teams from each division automatically meet the Play Offs requirements, while the best two seconds are classified into wild rounds. The two best teams in each conference automatically pass the wild card round.

Super Bowl

After direct elimination and conference finals, they face a final duel, American conference champions and national conference champions, to play one of the most important events of the year in world sporting events. Also, betting markets are the most relevant for betting houses. The Super Bowl is one game where more money moves when betting on casinos around the world. Learn how to bet on American football?


What can be at stake before and during each match? Then, all markets are available in football games at online casinos.

Bets for Quarters and Sections

Bets can be made with full games, with half, or quarters, depending on the options offered by the betting house. Actually, the variations of the game offered are almost comparable to what we can find when we play slot game online.


This is determined by the team that has scored the most points in the specified period. On other bets, there are usually advantages or disadvantages to an unbalanced game, which gives you more competitiveness per game. These advantages are called Handicaps. Points are awarded to the least favorite team to win and the difference depends on the loss experienced by the team. Also, points are taken from favorite teams, and points given to them are determined by differences in competition between the two teams. But in the end…try finding the best football app to make sure you’re not “fooled” while playing.

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