How Does Betting on American Football Work?

American football, also known as football in Canada and the United States, is one of the world’s most popular sports. The National Football League (NFL) is the professional form of this sport; it consists of a total of 32 teams, which are divided into eight divisions. Each team plays 16 games through a normal season. Understanding how to place your football bets on this sport will help you make the right decisions when betting. In this article, we strive to explain how betting on American football works. If you want to know more about this topic, you can also get more information at BettingUSA-NJ.

American football betting odds

Before you start betting on American football, it’s essential to understand the betting odds. It would be absurd and preposterous to place bets without learning about the main types of American football betting odds and how to read and interpret the different associated formats.

There are three popular formats of American football betting odds: Moneyline odds, fractional odds and decimal odds. These odds hold no difference when it comes to pay-outs. A chance of an event happening can be turned and presented in one of these types of odds.

Moneyline odds

Betting the moneylines for an American football match is very simple. You only have to choose a team or player to win. If you choose the winning side, you will be paid the amount due. When it comes to moneyline, there is no point spread. Although placing a wager is easy, trying to understand how it pays can be difficult. Both sides of the moneyline wager are always paid on a different schedule.

The favourite player or team on the moneyline wager is the one expected to win. That side of the bet is often listed with a – (minus) sign. The team expected to lose on the moneyline is the underdog player or team, and the moneyline side is often listed with a + (plus) sign. The signs show how either side of the moneyline wager will pay. The plus side pays more than the original moneyline wager while the minus side pays less than the original wager. The difference between the underdog and favourite odds widens the chances of winning when the favourite increases.

Moneyline parlays

A parlay is a wager that consists of multiple results. Parlay’s payout is bigger than a single wager on each game or player. Underdog moneyline parlays are popular as they can have large payouts and it’s easy to choose multiple favourites to win.

Fractional odds

Also known as UK odds or British odds, Fractional odds are written with a hyphen (-) or slash (/). A fractional listing of six-to-one (6/1) odds would mean you win £6 against every £1 you wager – this is after receiving your £1 back. This is typically the ration of the entire amount you won to the original bet. This means that you’ll get your stake (£1) in addition to your profit, which will result in a return of £7. So, if your stake is £10 at 6/1, this means you’ll receive a return of £70 (£60 profit plus £10 stake).

Decimal odds

Also known as European odds, decimal odds are easier to work with or understand. You can spot the underdogs and favourites immediately by simply looking at the numbers. Generally, the decimal odds number signifies the amount you will win for every £1 you wager. The number in decimal odds represents the total return instead of the profit. This means that your stake is included in a decimal number and you don’t have to add back your stake, making the calculation of its total return easier.

Different types of bets

There are various types of betting options that bettors can choose from when placing wagers on American football. The available options include:

Betting on American football lines

The Point Spread is the most popular way that players bet on American football matches. Also, known as handicaps or betting lines, American football Point Spreads is a roughly calculated final margin for an American football match. Bookmarkers determine this margin as a fifty-fifty bet, meaning that there is a 50 per cent chance the result can end on either side of the estimated margins. You can wager on the side of the margin you think the American football game will end on.

American football point spreads odds can range from 1.90 to 1.95 depending on the bookmarker you choose. If you wager randomly on American football point spreads over a large sample size, you’ll have a 50 per cent strike-rate.

Over-under bet

An over-under bet is a wager whereby a bookmarker predicts a number of points in a given American football game – often the combined score of two teams. You can wager that the total number in the match will be either lower or higher than this number. For instance, the bookmarker can set the number at 42.5 points. Those who bet the over will need 43 points or more from the two teams to win their bet. A score of 28-17 would be enough to win you the over bet. On the other hand, those who place their bet on the under will need the two teams to have a combined 42 points or less throughout the game. This means a score of 21-17 would be enough to win you this bet.

Futures and outrights bets

You can bet on college football and NFL futures and outrights. Also known as an outright bet, a future bet is a wager in which players bet on the outcome of the entire American football season rather than betting on the outcome of one game. You can bet when the season is starting that a team will win the Super Bowl. To win this bet, this team has to make the playoffs, qualify to enter the Super Bowl and eventually win the game. The pay-outs on this type of bet rewards handsomely than a wager on one game.

Winning margin bets

This type of bet involves players placing wagers on the number of points that a football team will win by when the game ends. You must correctly choose the winning team and the winning margin.

Scores props

These are side bets related to the scores of a game. You can wager on which team is going to score first or which player will score the last or first touchdown. Alternatively, you can bet on a player of a certain team to score a touchdown during the game. Usually, all players in this market are 2.00 (evens) or bigger, meaning you can double your money if you get this bet right.

First-quarter props and first half props

Bookmarkers understand that players often want an instant return when they bet and sometimes don’t want to wait until a game ends. For this reason, you can bet on the first half or first quarter of a game. When the match goes In-Play, you have the option to bet on the second half or the other 3 quarters.

In-Play betting

American football is a great team sport for live In-Play betting. There are many stoppages throughout the game: On average, you’ll get 3-hour-long games and a range of betting opportunities. Most bettors watch a match and understand the 1st quarter of the game before considering where they will place their bets. It’s important to get the feel of American football when you are betting In-Play.

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