How Has Covid-19 Clouded The College Football Bowl Games

The coronavirus has taken the sports world by storm and has caused quite a few changes to how sports are viewed. The COVID-19 caused the cancellation of the basketball tournament in March, and also delayed a lot of the major conferences from starting on time. The virus also caused a lot of the professional sports to be changed around to getting a season completed. Let’s take a look at what kind of other impacts the coronavirus will have against the bowls this year.

Teams Making Bowls That Never Would Have

One aspect that the coronavirus has added is that a lot of teams that never would have been considered before, now have the potential to make the bowl games. With so many conferences cancelling their early games or doing conference only games, it will be likely to see some surprise teams in bigger name bowl games.

One of those teams that could make a higher ranking bowl game with better notoriety is Coastal Carolina. The Chanticleers are unbeaten so far and have proven to be able to win a lot of the games on the year. Now, being unbeaten does not guarantee the higher bowl game, but it will definitely help to guide Coastal Carolina into some of the talking circles when the time comes to select who is going to play in the bowl games.

Shorter Season Adds Pressure To Winning

With a shorter season the teams have had a lot more pressure on winning the games. This is important to note as the typical qualification for the bowl games is by getting 6 wins. However, it remains to be seen if this is going to hold true this season or not with so many of the teams playing shorter seasons.

This type of uncertain season length adds pressure to winning any of the games they play. If you think about it, look at some of the teams like Wisconsin who are unbeaten, but already had to cancel a couple of games due to positive test results. Any additional cancelled games could lead to Wisconsin having to rely on a potential allowance of teams coming in with less than 6 wins on the year.

Potential Cancellation Of Games

As you can already tell by the regular season there have been a lot of regular season games cancelled. With the coronavirus and the increased infections on the rise, it is going to potentially impact the bowl games. The problem is that this could include the cancellation of some of the bowl games. Not to mention, some of the bowl games from last year may already end up being cancelled due to the lack of crowds in the stadium.

College football has been playing since September and has had some mild hiccups with the COVID-19 battle. However, one thing that could really change for the season is the bowl picks. Those picks and the college football picks for the teams playing in the bowls, could end up being interesting as the teams that were unexpected to make the bowl games could find themselves in a position they never imagined.

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