How Long is the XFL Season?


With all the teams drafted and ready to go, we’re locked in and eager for the games to start. The season kicks off February 8th, so fans won’t have to endure that Super Bowl/offseason hangover when the news cycles get slow. I think we’d all rather watch ball than listen to more talk about whatever controversy takes over the headlines when there’s really nothing going on in the football world.

Starting the weekend after the Super Bowl, the XFL season will feature 4 games a week on Saturdays and Sundays. Games will air on ESPN & ESPN 2, Fox, ABC and Fox Sports 1 & 2. These major networks will be airing the XFL in afternoon/primetime doubleheaders, all throughout the 10 week season.

The top two teams from the East and West will face off in a divisional playoff, followed by the XFL Championship Game on April 26th.

Shorter than the NFL, and longer than the Spring League and AAF, 10 weeks fits the XFL season perfectly into the lull in pro football from February to May. It begins after the Super Bowl and ends at the NFL Draft, so networks and fans can focus on the new league while the NFL winds down.

Typically the only substantial news in the football world in spring is a couple of days in March when free agency opens followed by endless mock drafts for months until summer. Watching these new teams take the field will be a great change of pace for many fans.

Teams from Dallas, D.C., Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, St. Louis and Tampa Bay will all compete for the XFL Championship.

Following last week’s supplemental draft, it looks like Dallas has moved past New York and L.A. as an early favorite for this season.

We have an in-depth review of the schedule here, at