How much do you think fans will REALLY pay their favourite sports stars memorabilia?

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers may have earned his third Associated Press Most Valuable Player award, but who has the ‘Most Valuable Signature’ in the NFL?

Following Super Bowl LV, the team at American Gambler analyzed a variety of US sports retailers and online auction sites to find out which footballers have the most valuable signature in the world.

Tom Brady Doesn’t Top This List

He may well have just won his 7th Super Bowl title, but Tom Brady does not have the ‘Most Valuable Signature’ in the NFL. That honor goes to Joe Namath ‘Broadway Joe’.

The average cost of acquiring signed merchandise and/or memorabilia from ‘Broadway Joe’ is a staggering $21,062. That’s almost double the cost of second placed Tom Brady, whose signature fetches an average price tag of $11,007.

Super Bowl LV loser Tyreek Hill placed third on the list, with an average signature price of $10,675, while Dan Marino and Marshall Faulk complete the top 5 places, with average signature prices of $9,282 and $8,539 respectively.

Most Expensive Items

While averages are one thing, the findings reveal that some fans are prepared to pay as much as $61,386.08 for certain items if the player is legendary enough.

NFL legends such as Joe Namath and Tom Brady came to the top of the list with fans paying a staggering $62,386.08 and $36,030.69 for a signed jersey!

Below are the top 5 most expensive one-off items:

Sport Team Player Item Price
NFL New York Jets  Joe Namath Signed Jersey $61,386.08
NFL New England Patriots Tom Brady Signed Jersey $36,030.69
NFL Miami Dolphins Dan Marino Signed Jersey $26,718.99
NFL Los Angeles Chargers Junior Seau Signed Jersey $26,689.15
NFL Green Bay Packers Reggie White Signed Jersey $20,684.54


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