How NFL Athletes Could Support Responsible Gambling?

The NFL Players Association or NFLPA has launched a new program in order to promote responsible gambling among the former players. The foundation has partnered with GVC foundation in the US and EPIC Risk Management in order to run the program and promote responsible gambling, sports integrity. The current NFL athletes cannot bet on NFL matches. The NFL is trying its best in order to educate more and more people to avoid gambling addicts. 

This method of education actually boosts self-confidence among the players and helps them in staying away from the ill effects of gambling. All the NFL personnel have been prohibited from accessing and placing bets directly or indirectly through any third-party source according to the league policy. This includes bets on the score, statistics, game outcome bets, individual player performance, or any other proposition bet with the wager being offered. 

Raise Awareness Of Gamstop Self-Exclusion 

Problem gambling has been an issue for years now. After announcing that the former players of the NFL would attend responsible gambling sessions, the NFL has taken the issue seriously. This program would raise awareness among players who haven’t joined self-exclusion and placing bets at any NonStopCasino site that is not on GamStop. It also urges all sports leagues to address the issue and help in finding a valid solution for it. The program would be tailored to meet the needs of a punter’s mind and also advertise responsible gambling by coordinating the delivery of the program to the members. 

Professional athletes need to undergo this training because they are highly prone to problem gambling and thus educating them would do good to society and themselves. 

Do Not Promote Gambling Firms

The aim of this NFL initiative is to avoid promoting gambling firms of any kind and promote responsible gambling. EPIC Risk Management is a gambling harm minimization consultancy that works hand in hand with the NFL and co-hosts seminars throughout the US. They also conduct research on athlete’s relationships with problem gambling through these sessions. Making them understand the ill effects and negatives of gambling is the prime motive. 

Problem gambling is a hidden addiction and the outcomes can be devastating. These educational sessions offered to the vulnerable population would curb down the number of gambling addicts and would be morally right. The NFL has taken the responsibility of looking after its players to ensure their well-being. 

The league had fought against New Jersey’s legal challenge or the PASPA or Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act stating that it expanded legal sports betting which could be harmful to the integrity of the games. The NFL allows teams and stadiums to take up marketing deals with casinos only if sports betting isn’t advertised on them. 

Warn About Gambling Harm

The NFL had issued a memo to all players over a year ago to remind them about the negatives of gambling and the consequences of betting on professional football by any player. Due to disobeying the same memo, the NFL suspended Josh Shaw of the Arizona Cardinals after investigating that he had gambled on multiple NFL games. The Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell had informed that the suspension would be for the entire 2020 because all players are prohibited from placing, soliciting, or facilitating any bet and can face legal actions if caught. 

The NFL allows betting and has betting websites that are convenient and flexible. These websites offer a safe, trusted platform for online betting and also promote responsible gambling via campaigns and sessions. 


The NFL offers plenty of betting options but never promotes gambling addiction in any form. Many online sportsbooks offer to bet on sports but one must be aware of the pros and cons of gambling in order to understand the extremities of such an activity. Betting options have a wide array of options only to help people spend their leisure hours and peak interest in the sport. 

Despite being banned from placing sports bets in the NFL, the official league policy does not prohibit players from owning equity in a company that generates one-third or even less of its revenue from any operations related to gambling. NFL plans upon implementing other regulations in order to curb down gambling harm on punters, the main thing being cooperation from the players.

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