How the NFL is tackling the world pandemic and planning for beyond

If there is something that this virus has taught us, it is how the world has changed and we need to adapt to changes from dusk till dawn. Only this week some of the most prominent owners of the biggest NFL teams have agreed some changes to how the league will operate.  This time around, the NFL will operate on a 16 game football schedule, as opposed to the previous known structure.  The reasoning behind this change in gameplay is of course to have the playoffs expanded to 16 teams and make a safer environment for the players to play and continue with the league.

This is not the first time that the NFL had to move some games around this season and also the last. With the start of the pandemic, and taking everyone by surprise, the games were moved around vastly, but both the players and the teams adapted quite quickly to the new normal. Whilst the NFL is currently operating on a 17 week basis to accommodate and also stagger all the games, the league confirmed that a possible 18 week structure could be adopted, to make sure the safety and health of all the football players is safeguarded. Should the league not be able to complete all of its fixtures in the standard 14 team structure for playoffs, the 16 teams will be advertised and held. In the meantime, in case you are looking forward to the Super Bowl event which is like the final event for the NFL, NFL ambassador and commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that this will happen on the 7th of February in Tampa Florida. Make the date and head over to online or your favourite bookmaker to place your bets. In the middle of a pandemic, we can still enjoy the best odds and bets at bookmakers and the NFL bets are already calling.

Goodell also announced some guidelines that the NFL fans would be requested to follow when it comes to games and also the main event itself. The Super Bowl will allow a set number of fans to attend the big event scheduled for the Raymond James Stadium. On the other hand, the regular NFL games played throughout the season and leading up to the main event, will not allow any spectators due to the Covid-19 world pandemic and crisis. The NFL ambassador confirmed that the main goal for the league and also football in America is to have a good number of fans attend the Super Bowl event as safely as possible.

Evidently this week was the week for big and major decisions happening in the NFL. as on Tuesday morning, a good number of NFL owners have teamed up  and agreed on a proposal that will grant a set amount of incentives and benefits to teams that focus all their strengths and develop a structure for minority coaches and front office executive staff members. With this proposal being introduced, all the NFL teams drafted will see the loss of one of their minority coaches to a senior head coaching role in another location, and hence be granted an additional third round draft pick for the next two years.  Bookmakers are currently all drafting the odds about the coaches who will be chosen along with the names for the third draft picks.

On the other hand, if any of the NFL office executives are offered and signed in as a general manager in another location as opposed to their teams, the original team, will be offered an additional draft pick as a thank you bonus. This strategy was introduced to boost the numbers in the minority head coaches and general manager roles within the NFL. Do you remember when wayback in 2003 in the NFL introduced the Rooney Rule?  This initiative requires that the NFL teams would need to interview at least one minority individual for a head coaching and also an executive role within the league.  Truth be told, this rule is now always applicable, and some of the time, this strategy is not being implemented, albeit teams are trying their best to do so. Afterall, with a world pandemic lingering on us, every plan we all had has gone out of the window this year.

As the 2020 season kicked off, the NFL only boosted and employed a small amount of coaching  and minority heads. To be precise, only 4 minority head coaches and two minority club general managers.  Will things change in the future?  Head over to your favourite online bookmakers and place your bets.  And while you are at it, do not forget to bet on the playoffs, the draft picks for this year, and if you are lucky enough for the Super Bowl winner.

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