How to Bet on American Football

When it comes to sports in the US, American football is arguably the most popular one. It is a sport that combines high-octane action with strategy to provide viewers with the pinnacle of pleasure. Along with entertainment, it also opens the doors for betting and making some money along the way.

Betting on American football can be both fun and lucrative. All you need is to join an online casino or gambling platform to get started. In case you are a newbie it is best to start with a low deposit casino NZ at first. This is due to the fact that it allows minimum-risk experience which is a benefit for beginners. There is plenty to go over in this regard, so let’s take a look at what kinds of wagers you can place and what tips you can follow.

Popular Betting types

There are different kinds of bets you can place on a game of American football. Here are the most common ones you should know about:


The simplest bet to understand, betting the moneyline odds is where you can start. In this bet, you are simply going to pick the winning side. It’s that simple.

The only thing to take note of is whether you pick the favorite team to win or the underdog. The favorites will have a minus sign next to them while the underdogs will have a positive sign. The minus side of the wager pays less than the original wager while the positive side pays more.

In other words, if you pick the underdog, you can get a higher return on your investment.

Total Points (Over/Under)

Another very simple bet to understand is the over/under bet. Before a game of American football takes place, the bookmaker will predict a combined score for both teams. Your job is to think about the odds and then place a wager on whether the total score will be higher than the predicted number or lower. This is one of the easiest bets you can place as long as you have all the updates about American football teams and can figure out the odds of the total score being higher or lower.

Handicap (Spread)

Betting the point spread is a popular way to bet on a game of American football. Before a game begins, the sportsbook will ‘handicap’ the favorite team by taking away some points from their final score. What this simply means is that the favorite team has to win by a certain number of points in order for you to win your bet.

So, let’s say the favorite team has a spread of 5 points. If you place this type of bet, then the favorite team has to win the game by at least a 5-point margin. If they win with a lower margin, you lose the bet.


In the last 24 hours of a Super Bowl, you can start placing bets for who will win the coming year’s Super Bowl. This is called a Futures bet, and there exist many different kinds of them. For example, you could predict who will be the MVP, the Defensive Player of the Year, etc. in the next season of American football too. To place such a bet, you need to really know the odds. Or you could just take a blind guess and see if you get lucky.

Game And Player Props

This is one of the most fun ways to bet on a game. Props, or propositions, can range from the number of yards a QB will throw for to which team will score first in a game. In these types of bets, the sportsbook will predict a total and you can place an over/under bet. The odds for placing each bet will be laid out clearly for you to consider.

However, that’s not all. Prop betting can also include fun things like predicting the length of the national anthem or the color of Gatorade that the winning coach will be showered with.


Parlays allow bettors to place wagers on more than one event. You can bet on multiple aspects of a single match with one stake. Building a parlay requires you to have an understanding of the odds of each event happening the way you’re predicting. If you win a parlay, your payout is increased. You can win big if you get your parlay correct. However, you should know that getting 4 events correct out of 5 will not win you the parlay. You have to get everything correct.


They are a type of parlay. In a teaser, all your bets are against the spread. This gives you the opportunity to lower your potential payout. So, you essentially lower the risk of losing and get a lower reward if you win. Just like with parlays, you have to win on all your wagers in a teaser bet to actually win.

This kind of wager is great for people who like to play with lower risk and not invest too much on platforms.

Betting tips

  • Understand football lines to make sure you know how these betting lines actually work. This will give you a much clearer idea of the odds of something happening so you can place a wager accordingly.
  • Always bet with your head and not with your heart. You may fully support your home team but it doesn’t mean they will win in any given match. Learn to understand the odds of a team winning or losing and then use that knowledge to place wagers.
  • Try to find a reliable and trustworthy online platform to place bets like Zodiac casino $1 deposit which represents the list of sites where you can start small and build up your winnings with guaranteed payouts.
  • Place the type of bet that you fully understand. If you don’t understand how one type works, avoid it until you grasp it fully.
  • Study things like home-field advantage, player injuries, play styles, etc. This will help you figure out the odds much more easily.
  • Keep an eye on teams that win consistently. Try to figure out their patterns and then bet accordingly.
  • Follow successful bettors and see what odds they are wagering on. You can find a lot of value in their experience.


Now that you know all of the basics of gambling on American football, you can go ahead and study the odds to make an informed decision. Don’t forget to enjoy the game you’re watching, and always wager what you can afford to lose. Start slowly and understand all the odds, and over time you will find success.

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