Hungary considering August to November season

The Hungarian American Football Federation (MAFSZ) has announced plans to hold a 2020 season between August 20 and November 29.

Now they need teams.

Originally the Hungarian Football League, HFL, was scheduled to start March 21 with six teams, the Budapest Wolves, Budapest Cowbells, Györ Sharks, Fehervar Enthroners, Kiev Capitals and Miskolc Steelers. Like everywhere else in the world the league was suspended.

Over the last 12 years, the HFL has fluctuated between four and 12 teams. Last year, the HFL consisted of six teams with just as many in the second division.

So the federation is now inviting first all the teams from the top division to participate to determine the level of interest. The only team left out would be the Kiev Capitals from the Ukraine as travel between Hungary and the Ukraine is still not possible due to the coronavirus.

If not enough teams from last year’s top division turn down the invitation then the federation will turn to the second division.

The HFL needs a minimum of four teams.

The deadline for applications is June 12.

Coronavirus situation in Hungary

To date, there have been 4,006 cases of the coronavirus recorded in Hungary and 546 deaths attributed to COVID-19.

Borders are open to tourists from Romania and are due to open with Austria on 15 June. Limited flights are operating. In Budapest, shops, parks and the outside areas of bars and restaurants are open, and elsewhere hotels are also permitted to reopen. Face masks are mandatory in shops and when using public transport and taxis across the entire country.

Source: László Makranczi

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