Hungary set to kick off September 5

The Hungarian American Football Federation (MAFSZ) has announced that there will be a football season in Hungary starting September 5.

A total of eight teams will compete in Division I and 10 teams in Division II. Each of the divisions will be divided into two conferences, East and West. Each team will play four games in the regular season and the top two teams in each conference will advance to the semifinals. The championship games will be played on November 28.

Originally the Hungarian Football League, HFL, was scheduled to start March 21 with six teams, the Budapest Wolves, Budapest Cowbells, Györ Sharks, Fehervar Enthroners, Kiev Capitals and Miskolc Steelers. Like everywhere else in the world the league was suspended.

Over the last 12 years, the HFL has fluctuated between four and 12 teams. Last year, the HFL consisted of six teams with just as many in the second division.

The defending champions Fehérvár Enthroners will not be participating in this year’s competitions.

Former HFL teams the Győr Sharks and Miskolc Steelers will be joining Division I while both Budapest teams , the Cowbells and Wolves have entered their 2nd teams only (in Div I as well). Obviously, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kiev Capitals from the Ukraine are unable to play in Hungary.

Division I

East: Budapest Cowbells, DEAC Gladiators, Miskolc Steelers, Nyíregyháza Tigers
West: Budapest Wolves II, DAK Gorillaz, Győr Sharks, NBA Crushers

Division II

East: CFS Guardians, Eger Heroes, Jászberény Wolverines, Miskolc Renegades, Rebels Oldboys
West: Diósd Saints, NBA Crushers II, Pécs Legioners, Tatabánya Mustangs, VSD Rangers


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