Irish American Football Association announces Team Ireland logo

On May 30th, the Irish American Football Association announced the logo that will represent Ireland throughout the progression of its national programme. The symbol represents both the growth of the sport domestically and nationally as they hope to take their organisation to the next level.

It marks another stage of development for football in Ireland with a number of exciting events taking place later this year. The set-up is catered for senior, junior and flag football teams with the goal of taking part in both European and International competitions.

Later this year, the Irish Flag Football team will be hosting a series of friendlies in Dublin on September 10th ahead of their involvement in the European Championships in 2017.

Ireland - Team Ireland logos - Flag+U20

Not only that, but over a year since the national teams rebirth and months of training and preparation, the Irish senior football team will take part in their first competitive friendly on August 26th against the Dutch Lions of the Netherlands.

The concept of the national team has come a long distance over the last two years. With the domestic league reaching new heights, the IAFA believed it was the right time to set-up the national side and have worked tirelessly over recent months in preparation for this summer. After holding open try-outs in January 2015, there has been a number of organised training and classroom sessions with some of Ireland’s most talented players and coaches and soon that effort will be put to the test.

There is plenty to be excited about in the future as the Irish American Football league continues to grow!

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