Iceland’s sole football team defeats Starnberg Argonauts from Germany

Finding games is not always easy for the only football team in Iceland. This island nation, located 1,200 miles north of London, England is home to the Reykjavik Einherjar who spend most of the year practicing. They have to look far and wide – literally – to find opponents.

This has not deterred the Einherjar from continuing to cast a wide net. This month Germany’s Starnberg Argonauts (Division 5) made the 1,619 mile (2,606 km) trek from southern Germany to Reykjavik, Iceland. Last November, Norway’s Eidsvoll 1814s flew to Iceland for a game.


With a population of only 300,000, Iceland is famous for its glaciers (10% of the land surface is covered), volcanoes, banking system and national soccer team although not always in that order.

Reykjavik is located on the 66th parallel just 150 miles from the Arctic Circle. 

The soccer team famously reached the 2016 European Championship quarterfinals defeating Austria, the Netherlands and England before succumbing to the host French.

Reykjavik Einherjar on one-game winning streak

Reykjavik has been practicing and honing their skills for years now, and it is beginning to show. When the 1814s, who are one of the storied teams in Norwegian American football history, played against  the Einherjar they discovered how much Reykjavik has been practicing. Eidsvoll escaped with a win, but barely, 38-37.

Reykjavik Einherjar in action against Norway’s Eidsvoll 1814s

The Argonauts were not so fortunate.

Led by firebrand and quarterback Bergbör Phillip Pálsson, the Einherjar had no trouble downing the surprised German squad 48-14. Pálsson threw for 259 yards and four touchdowns and rushed for another 102 and a touchdown. American receiver Kirby Crook had 126 yards in receptions and three touchdowns.

So Reykjavik will continue to practice and prepare while staying on the hunt for new opposition. According to Pálsson, who is the leader of this passionate group of players, all teams who would like to play in Iceland have to do is contact him on Facebook. The club will help with expenses if need be.

Check out the game highlights here

Einherjar – Argonauts from Bergthor Palsson on Vimeo.

Roger Kelly is an editor and a writer for AFI. A former PR Director the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League for 7 years, he now lives in Sweden writing about and scouting American Football throughout the world.