IFAF Europe Qualifying Tournament: Q&A with Russia General Manager Pasha Khoroshilov

This weekend begins the second International Federation of American Football(IFAF) Europe Qualifying Tournament in Worcester, England. 

Sixways Stadium in Worcester is hosting the international fixtures that features the national American football teams from Great Britain, Russia, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands

The Russian national team has traveled far to face the hosts, Great Britain, in the first round on Friday. The winner get a chance to qualify for the European Championships in 2018!

American Football International spoke with the Great Britain General Manager and running back, Pasha Khoroshilov.

1. What are your thoughts on the team? How are they as a group? Can you talk a little bit about the team?

Khoroshilov: I think that we have a great team. All guys did a good job on training camps and its great that we have much more then 45 players who can play the game on the level like this. We have players from 10 different teams but now we are the one team and ready to play back to back, play for each other and for the country.

2. Are there any individuals that stood out to you? Any specific top players on the team we should be sure to keep an eye out for?

Khoroshilov: We have a lot of great players. I wouldn’t tell you about individuals. I hope we will play as the team first of all and you (spectators) will find the individuals you’ll like.

3. What can you tell us so the world can know more about the Team Russia?

Khoroshilov: I can tell only that we have very good team. Our team is strong, aggressive and pretty fast. We can hit hard and as we never give up. Its in our blood. So I am sure that you will see good football this weekend.


4. How have you prepared the team for this game? Are you practicing now? If not, when?

Khoroshilov: We had four weekends together as a team. We trained a lot. And now we are ready for show.

5. Have you brought in any coaches for these games? If so, who? What do they bring to the team?

Khoroshilov: Yes. Our head coach is Tony Simmons. He has the NFL experience as a player and also he is already quite known as a coach in Europe. He is giving us a lot of good information. And the result of his work you will see soon.

6. Can you tell us your thoughts on the Team Great Britain?

Khoroshilov: Very good educated team. Have few very good individuals. I think that the game will be very interesting.

7. What does it mean to the Team Russia to play in this qualifying tourney? Can you talk about the goals of the Russian National team program?

Khoroshilov: This tourney means a lot. We will show everybody that football in Russia is growing and I hope that we will surprise many people. Also, it means that we will continue playing on a high level and develop our national team and players. If we lose, it means that we out of any games on such level for two years minimum. So we will do all the best to win this tourney.


John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.