IFAF European Championships: Denmark 2023 Roster

Fans of tackle football across the European continent will be treated to a wealth of top-class action during the weekend of August 5-6 when the 2023 IFAF European Championships continue in seven countries.

The Danish men’s national team football will play against Serbia on Saturday 5 August at 16.00 at Gentofte Stadium. The winner of that game will face either France or Great Britain in the European Championships fifth-place game in October.

With that being said lets take a look at the Danish team’s roster for Saturday’s matchup.

Offensively, the Denmark brings back veteran offensive lineman Benjamin Qvist and receiver Thomas Zinck Thellufsen. One new face too the offense is young quarterback Christopher Bay Carstens of the Aarhus Tigers, who hopes to lead his team to victory Saturday.

On defense, veteran pass rusher Mads Marquard Nielsen and linebacker Mathias Eliasen, both of the Copenhagen Towers, will look to shut down a physical Team Serbia and earn shot at fifth place come this fall.

Jersey No. Name Pos Club Team
1 Mads Marquard Nielsen DL Copenhagen Towers
2 Christoffer Bay Carstens QB Aarhus Tigers
4 Oliver Andre Drejer DL Stockholm Mean Machines
5 Patrick Tambour Petersen LB Frederikssund Oaks
6 David Tawake Christoffersen LB Søllerød Gold Diggers
7 Kristoffer Richoff Jensen LB Søllerød Gold Diggers
9 Thomas Zinck Thellufsen WR Aalborg 89ers
10 Casper Løth Bloch DB Aalborg 89ers
11 Valentin Warnock-Kroløkke DB Søllerød Gold Diggers
12 Patrick Møller Thomsen DL Aalborg 89ers
15 Benjamin Kløvning Worm DL Aarhus Tigers
16 Mathias Anders Corneliussen LB Odense Badgers
17 Anders Vagtborg Jensen DB Triangle Razorbacks
18 Julius Boutrup Eriksen K Frederikssund Oaks
19 Nicholaj Stockholm Birkjær Nielsen LB Triangle Razorbacks
20 Victor Terkel Knifstrøm Majgaard DL Aalborg 89ers
21 Magnus Alexander Bitsch DB Copenhagen Towers
22 Magnus Nørgaard RB Søllerød Gold Diggers
23 Andreas Rahbæk Brandsen RB Aalborg 89ers
25 Hjalte Vansted DB Aarhus Tigers
26 Mathias Eliasen LB Copenhagen Towers
27 Troels Dahl Kristensen DB Søllerød Gold Diggers
29 Rasmus Hedegaard Christiansen DB Aalborg 89ers
30 Oskar Bonde Gabriel RB Odense Badgers
31 Daniel Moradi LB Aalborg 89ers
33 Victor Kofod Christensen LB Amager Demons
35 Rasmus Bukhave Knudsen DB Triangle Razorbacks
41 Frederik Gellert Høgh LB Copenhagen Towers
50 Sebastian Mattias Rosendal Christiansen OL Slagelse Wolfpack
52 Daniel Allan Linke Krogh OL Triangle Razorbacks
54 Benjamin Qvist OL Søllerød Gold Diggers
57 Jonatan Bundgaard-Nielsen OL Aarhus Tigers
58 Oliver Roland Huber Johansen DL Søllerød Gold Diggers
60 Noah Christian Anker OL Triangle Razorbacks
61 Aaron David Bronstein OL Aalborg 89ers
64 Marcus Halby Kristensen OL Frederikssund Oaks
72 Rasmus Killmann Brogaard Petersen OL Aarhus Tigers
75 Mathias Roll Hummelmose OL Triangle Razorbacks
80 Julius Bunk Hansen TE Aalborg 89ers
81 Jeppe Linnerup Petersen WR Aalborg 89ers
82 Frederik Daugaard Andersen WR Aarhus Tigers
83 Jacob Dahl Callesen WR Triangle Razorbacks
84 Mark Nielsen TE Triangle Razorbacks
88 Kasper Kaufmann Sørensen TE Aalborg 89ers
99 Mikkel Ørtoft Foldager DL Triangle Razorbacks

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