IFAF gathering in London for second Congress since “reunification”

The International Federation of American Football, IFAF, is holding its second Congress since the governing body of international amateur American football was “reunified” in 2018.

This time, the heads of American football federations from around the world are meeting in London, England, November 2.

Last year in Panama, IFAF held its first “unified” Congress since 2015 following the CAS ruling earlier that year naming Richard MacLean as the true president of IFAF.

The turmoil of the previous three years seems to have been put behind the global football community, although there are some key issues still to be dealt with. Virtually no information has been made public regarding this congress but based on past congresses, almost 30 countries should be expected to attend.

One of the items on the agenda may well be Mexico. Apparently, the Mexican federation has fallen in arrears and is in danger of being decertified by their national Olympic association. Were that to happen, the silver medalists from the 2018 World U19 Championships would be banned from the 2020 tournament.

Prior to last year’s event, the last time a “unified” Congress was held was in 2015 when former president Tommy Wiking and a number of nations walked out in a protest, forming their own separate body, causing major upheaval in the international football world for almost three years.

Two bodies then formed with the countries that had remained loyal to the original IFAF forming a faction and the other countries forming their own, holding separate meetings and congresses. 

This congress in London marks the second straight year of relative normalcy within IFAF.

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