IFAF Holds Clinics In Guatemala and El Salvador

The International Federation of American Football faction led by Tommy Wiking held player and coaches clinics in Guatemala and El Salvador recently hosted by the local federations, AGFA and SAAIF. 

Clinicians Giorgio Longhi and Aitor Trabado (IFAF Technical Director) covered a variety of topics for the participants including player safety, rules of the game, season organization as well as basic fundamentals and techniques for players of all age levels: senior, junior, youth and also women’s flag.

The clinics, which were held in these two Central American countries, are part of the IFAF program for developing football across the world. The first of the many activities began on Sunday, October 9 in the capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City. More than 40 players of all ages were chosen to participate and 10 national coaches were given the opportunity to work up close with the experts from IFAF.

The clinics continued the following day and 12 coaches from Guatemala’s football academies were in attendance. Steve Agreda, head of the Salvadorian Association of American Intramural Football, also joined the group.



On the morning of October 11, Agreda, together with Diego Morales, president of Guatemala´s Federation and Longhi and Trabado, travelled to El Salvador. After their arrival, they attended the JAGUARES practice, ending in a small meeting in the stands held by Trabado.

“It is a great honor having the chance of teaching these young athletes about our game and seeing the passion they have for taking their football to the next level,” said Giorgio Longhi from Italy.

Trabado explained that football here is not just a team sport, but a way for many players to live a life away from the problems they find in the streets:

“Their coaches are not only doing the work which goes beyond building a community within American football, but also they are contributing by providing their kids a safer way of life.”



Original article from IFAF website.

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