IFAF “New York” Exploring New Tackle Formats

The International Federation of American Football (New York)  has convened a working group to explore modified formats of the tackle game to aid in the growth and development of the game worldwide.

Recent years have seen nations explore different formats, designed to support the game in their respective countries.

The Japanese Federation (JAFA) have held a number of exhibition games for a modified version of the sport, Run and Shoot 7 (RS7) which have seen numbers reduced to 7-a-side and experimentation with different rules.

Great Britain has been another such country where modifications of the game have been embraced. The Great Britain Women’s National Team are currently ranked number 2 in Europe after coming runner up in the 2015 European Championship. Their success at the 11v11 tackle format is underpinned by a domestic competition structure which includes a 5v5, 7v7 and 11v11 tackle formats.

The differentiated formats have enabled teams to set up quickly and progress into competition whilst at the same time; players have been able to progress along a defined player pathway leading to the full game.

The group, comprised of representatives from Great Britain, Denmark and Japan, will examine the opportunities presented by modified tackle and report in to IFAF’s Technical Committee Chair, Nick Inzerello, for the Technical Committee to review.

Richard MacLean, IFAF (New York) President, welcomed the formation of group.

“As the appetite for football grows around the world it is vital that we research and endorse suitable formats to aid growth and support player development. We also look forward to discussing the emerging conclusions with our Competition, Officiating and Rules Committees as we explore the opportunities for events that modified tackle can bring.”

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