IFAF Paris announces General Meeting

Although CAS, the Court of Arbitration for Sport, has still not issued its final ruling in the IFAF case after determining that Tommy Wiking had resigned as president in 2015 and thus all his actions since that time were invalidatedIFAF Paris has made a puzzling announcement.

In an email which went out January 14, IFAF Paris Secretary Janice Ward is inviting members to the 2018 IFAF Annual General Meeting on November 17/18. The letter is on IFAF letterhead including the address of IFAF head office in La Courneuve.

According to Article 11.1 of the statutes of IFAF Paris as cited in the email, it appears the announcement was  mandatory:

Article 11 Convocation of the General Meeting

1. The Secretary shall convene an Annual General Meeting by notice in writing to all
Members by electronic mail (“e-mail”) on or before January 15th every year.

Nevertheless, given the current situation, this seems to be an odd move to make.

Dr. Gregor Murth, vice president of the American Football Bund Österreich (AFBÖ):

“We received this invitation as well. I admit we are a little surprised too. We have not heard anything from CAS about which IFAF is the official ruling body and November is still a long ways away. So it leaves us puzzled as to the timing.”

The Secretary of IFAF Paris clearly felt obliged to make the announcement but it still leaves many scratching their heads. An email to the IFAF Paris communications department asking for clarification has gone unanswered.



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