IFAF seeking bidders for world championship tournaments

The International Federation of American Football – IFAF – has sent out letters to its member nations looking for countries interested in organizing four major tournaments over the next six years.

With the 2019 IFAF Men’s World Championships scheduled for July 2019 in Australia, IFAF is now setting its sights on finding hosts for the four key upcoming world events.

Countries are invited to submit Letters of Interest for the following tournaments:

  • 2021 World Championship – Women
  • 2022 World Flag Football Championships
  • 2023 World Championship – Men
  • 2024 World Championship – U20 Men

The IFAF Events bidding process is separated into three parts, each of which is explained in detail in the Major Events document which you can  download from this link.

In this, the Invitation Phase, member nations and interested parties are invited to declare their interest in bidding to IFAF. This requires an official letter from potential candidates stating their interest.

The deadline for these letters will be December 1, 2018.

Letters must be submitted to [email protected] and [email protected]

The Candidate Phase will begin in January. For the 2021 Women’s World Championship, the Candidate Phase will close on June 30 2019 with the aim of announcing the tournament host at the 2019 Congress.

For each of the other Championships, the Candidate Phase will run until December 1, 2019 with a view to an announcement early in 2020 and presentations from hosts at the 2020 Congress. During this phase more details on costings, logistics, media and marketing, and welfare (to name but a few areas) will be fully scoped.

Bidders should consider that the tournaments are anticipated to feature the following number of teams:

  • 2021 – World Championship – Women’s Tackle – 8 teams
  • 2022 – World Flag Football Championship – 32 teams (16w and 16m)
  • 2023 – World Championship – Men’s Tackle – 8 teams
  • 2024 – World Championship – u20 Men’s Tackle – 8 teams

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