IFAF Stockholm 2015 To Be Broadcast LIVE; Sweden’s TV4-Gruppen Secures Rights

Swedish channel to broadcast World Championship & Swedish Championship

American Football in Sweden will be broadcast on a major television channel for the next two years. 

This new agreement is a huge step forward and confirms that Sweden’s biggest American Football game and the IFAF World Championships with be distributed widely.  

Read the press release below for the full details reached in this agreement.

Press Release

TV4-group have secured the rights to broadcast American football in Sweden for the next two years. The agreement ensures that IFAF World Championship Stockholm 2015 and the Swedish championship finales XXIX and XXX, in 2014 and 2015, respectively, will be distributed through the channels of TV4-Gruppen.

 American football is on an upward trend in Sweden and there are great possibilities that the world championship here at home in Sweden will be what moves the sport to the next level. We look forward to make the Swedish games available to a large audience in TV12, says Hans Pekkari, channel manager at TV12 and TV4 Sport.

Next year Stockholm will host the 5th IFAF World Championships, a tournament that is played at the Tele2 Arena between July 4 – 18 2015. Twelve nations from six continents will compete for the trophy. The Swedish games and the finale will be aired on TV12 and all the other games in TV4 Sport. All games will be aired on TV4 Play.

This year TV4 Sport will broadcast SM-Final XXIX, Swedish championship game on September 7th at 2PM, (8AM EST) live from Tele2 Arena in Stockholm. This is the same venue that will be the home for the World championship. It is a dome stadium, a modern facility built in 2013, that has 30.000 seat capacity and a retractable roof.

“We are happy to have entered an agreement with TV4-group that is long term. It is important for the growing crowd that want to watch football, that they can do so at ther convenience, whether it is broadcast or online. In TV4-group we have a competent partner that can serve these need and help us grow the sport,” says Andreas Ekman, Communication Director for the Stockholm 2015 LOC and the Swedish Championships.

Sweden, USA, Japan, Korea, Germany, Austria, France, Canada, Mexico and Australia are so far the qualified teams for the championship. The twelve nations will compete in four groups. Grouping and schedule will be determined during the fall of 2014.

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Check out Stockholm 2015 IFAF World Championships below:

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