IFAF Women’s European Championships: Great Britain announces final roster

Great Britain have confirmed their final 45-player roster ahead of next week’s IFAF Women’s European Championships to be held at John Charles Stadium in Leeds, England, August 12-August 17.

The roster contains a few notable changes from the provisional tournament roster.

The British Lions finished fourth in the 2017 IFAF Women’s World Championships, falling to Mexico in the bronze medal game, 19-8.

The first Women’s European Championship was held in Granada, Spain in 2015 with the Great Britain Lions reaching the final. Finland captured the title, defeating the Lions in the final.

Great Britain opens the tournament on Monday, August 12 when they take on Sweden at John Charles Stadium in Leeds at 7 pm.

Great Britain IFAF European Championships 2019 Tournament Roster:

Jersey # Forename Surname Position Team
1 Eloise Walsh LB Manchester Titans
2 Emma Taylor QB Leeds chargers
5 Rebecca Martin DL Hertfordshire Tornadoes
7 Clare (Oli) Davies WR Herts Tornadoes / KC Titans
11 Sydney Green QB Birmingham Lions
12 Amanda Humphrey DB Hertfordshire Tornadoes
13 Caley Parnell LB Birmingham Lions
14 Harriet Amis DB London Warriors
16 Phoebe Schecter LB Birmingham Lions
17 Sian Kersse RB Hertfordshire Tornadoes
18 Lauren Drewett WR Kent Exiles
19 Elizabeth Bush QB Leeds Chargers & Yorkshire Rams
21 Ruth Matta RB Birmingham Lions
22 Nancy Stone DB Birmingham Lions
25 Joanne Mann DB Leeds Chargers
26 Antoinette Morgan RB Birmingham Lions
27 Siobhan Walker WR London Warriors
32 Laura Harbottle DB Leed charger
33 Siobhan Henry DB Teesside Steelers
34 Afia Law LB Birmingham Lion’s
36 Lucy Peaty LB Leeds Chargers
37 Josephine White RB Oxford Saints
42 Bethany Pilkington LB Leeds Chargers
48 Robyn Steward LB Leeds Chargers
50 Vanessa Mansaray OL London Warriors
52 Ciara Pinnington LB Birmingham Lions
43 Monica Lewinska DL Oxford Saints
54 Jayne Meadows LB London Warriors
55 Rachael Moody DL Edinburgh Wolves
57 Lucy Mott OL Hertfordshire Tornadoes
58 Libby Davoren DL Sandwell Steelers
61 Laura Dye OL Birmingham Lions
62 Aimee Wilson OL Glasgow Tigers
64 Aimee Cottingham DL Birmingham Lions
66 Amber Norbury Ol Sandwell Steelers / Staffordshire Saxons
67 Delta Npuna DL London Warriors
70 Yasmin Cazeau OL Hertfordshire Cheetahs
72 Iesha Martin OL Birmingham Lions
75 Mariette Hughes OL Birmingham Lions
76 Michelle Gwynne OL Birmingham Lions
80 Anna Young DB Wembley Stallions
84 Ruth Lewis WR Cardiff Valkyries
88 Rachel Trim WR Birmingham Lions
92 Victoria Ware DL Sandwell Steelers/Iceni Spears
99 Ashleigh Bell DL East Kilbride Pirates


Forename Surname Position
Jim Messenger Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator
James Branagh Defensive Coordinator
Laura Moore Defence
Matt Gawne Defence
Sam Raferty Defence
Sammy-Lee Baker Offence
Laura Hegarty Offence
Kenny Bello Offence
Connah Scholes Offence
Alex Lilly Offence
Gareth Ellison Special Teams
Becky Williams Team Manager
Christian Thompson Quality Assurance
Bertram Browne Video Analysis
Beverley Analuwa Medical Lead
Isiaka Balogun Therapist
Jakki Duncan Therapist
Naomi Maycock Therapist
Kirsty Cavanagh Programme Lead
Natalie Parker Assistant Manager

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