Italian Football League playoff conundrum explained

Today will mark the first game in a playoff conundrum that has emerged in the Italian Football League (IFL) over the last few weeks.

Six teams will proceed into the playoffs. The top two seeds will have a bye week, which Firenze and Parma have already secured, and seeds 3–6 will play in the wildcard round.

Some competitive play and, perhaps more importantly, injuries have changed the IFL landscape dramatically from the initial weeks. As it stands, there are currently three teams who have secured playoff spots and four who will be fighting for their life, beginning today.


The Guelfi, Panthers, Dolphins and Rhinos have already secured their playoff berths. 

Firenze Guelfi

The Guelfi are currently sitting at the number one seed but will not play in the final week of the season. They will stay where they are if Parma loses.

Parma Panthers

Parma will face off against the Ducks with a win earning them the number one seed as they beat Guelfi earlier in the year.

Ancona Dolphins

Regardless of what happens, the Dolphins will remain the third seed.

Milano Rhinos

The Rhinos are currently the number four seed and a win would solidify this. But a loss could see them slide down to the sixth seed. Either way, they’re in.

In the hunt

Lazio Ducks

The Ducks probably have the hardest draw of the final week as they will face off against the hottest team in the league right now, the Panthers. However, with either a win or a Frog loss, they’re in.

Varese Skorpions

The Skorpions will play the Rhinos and will secure a playoff spot with a win and a Frogs loss.

Legnano Frogs

The Frogs will play without quarterback Eystin Salum tonight in a rare midweek game due to their contest against the Warriors being canceled over poor weather conditions. If they win tonight against the Warriors, or the Scorpions lose, they’re in.


If the Ducks, Skorpions and Frogs all win, it will be decided by point differential as they have all beat each other once. The Ducks are currently at -23; the Skorpions -54; and the Frogs are at -80. This would likely mean the Frogs will be out unless they can put up an insane scoreline on the Warriors.

Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.