IFL Week 3: Milano Rhinos take down Parma Panthers, Varese Skorpions get 1st win

Week 3 in the Italian Football League (IFL) saw Firenze Guelfi move to 2–0 despite them missing a starting quarterback, the Milano Rhinos take down the Parma Panthers to get their second win of the season and the Skorpions Varese clinch their first win in Italy’s top league.

Milano Rhinos 21 – Parma Panthers 14

Despite it being Week 3, Parma’s contest against the Rhinos was their first game of the season, and they came out swinging. US imports Anthony Paoletti (quarterback) and Ryan Minniti (running back) both battered the Rhino’s offense with an aggressive ground game that left them with a combined 35 rushing attempts and 164 yards on the day.

The Panthers and their direct ground game got them on the board early, and by the third quarter were up 14–0. However, early in the third quarter Rhinos signal caller Joey Baughman gave Milano the spark they needed after hitting his wideout Trey Brock on a 57-yard bomb.

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The Rhinos were again driving late in the fourth quarter when Baughman got injured, forcing backup quarterback Raven Ines into the game who went on to lead the Rhinos to a come-from-behind victory with a mix of ground and air game.

Skorpions Varese 35 – Mastini Verona 21

The Mastini Verona were promoted from Division 2 last year and won just one game. The Skorpions, who were promoted this year, have now tied the Mastini with this win in just their second game in the IFL.

Quarterbacks Calvin Brownholtz (Skorpions) and Louis Colosimo (Mastini) traded blows in the first half, ripping off chunk plays at a time entering the halfway point 14–14. But it was in the second half that the Skorpions, and specifically their defense who managed to force two turnovers, began to separate from Mastini.

Guelfi Firenze 34 – Stainless Steel Warriors Emilia 7

Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.