Incredibly clean footage of a 1939 NFL game has surfaced & it’s fascinating

It’s hard to place one’s self back in time when all that’s left is grainy images and a video or two if lucky.

Recently, a incredibly clean video of a 1939 football game between the Brooklyn Dodgers (although it is more likely the Chicago Cardinals based on the uniform colors) and the Detroit Lions turned up, and not only is it bizarre to watch, seeing how the nuances of the game of football have changed is fascinating.

It is amazing to see how our favorite game as changed in nearly 80 years.

Not only the differences in the shear size and speed of the athletes, but the style of play, and the way the evolution of equipment as impacted gameplay in evident in these few minutes of classic gridiron action.

Incredibly clean footage of a 1939 NFL game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Detroit Lions.

Credit to Classic Sports.

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