INFOGRAPHICS: CONADEIP Premier Playoffs; Mexico College Football

Mexico’s Private CONADEIP Championship start today when the Borregos Ciudad de Mexico face the Borregos Monterrey in Mexico City, Mexico.

The rest of the playoffs take place on Saturday the 8th with the Aztecas UDLAP, Borregos Toluca, , Borregos Campus Estado de Mexico, Borregos Guadalajara, Potros ITSON and Zorros CETYS Mexicali.

See the and learn about these match ups with the info graphics below!


Borregos Ciudad de Mexico vs Borregos Monterrey

November 7th at Centro Cultural y Deportivo (Mexico City)


Aztecas UDLAP vs Zorros CETYS Mexicali

November 8th at Templo del Dolor (Puebla, Mexico)


Borregos Toluca vs Borregos Guadalajara

November 8th at La Congeladora (Toluca, Mexico)


Potros ITSON vs Borregos Campus Estado de Mexico

November 8th at Campo Hundido (Ciudad Obregon Sonora, Mexico)


Paco is an American Football coach and scout from Baja California, Mexico. He's placed many of Mexico's top athletes at the highest levels of global American Football. He is currently the defensive backs coach for the of CETYS Universidad in