Inside Brazil’s American Football Championships

Meet Brazilian American Football. It’s going to be HUGE!


Over the next few months American Football International will be introducing our readers to the teams and leagues of Brazil.

American Football in Brazil in its infancy. However, it is fair to say that the sport has grown more rapidly here then anywhere else on Earth over the past 10 years. A decade ago, neither of the top leagues had been established and their was nearly no American Football presence anywhere from Rio to Manaus.

Yet today the country has over 100 fully equipped club-level teams. Although amateur, these clubs are growing at a rate out-pacing the rest of the globe and with the huge number of teams, athletes, and fans, the future is bright.

But with this new and exciting energy in Brazil, comes a bit of disorganization.

There are currently three separate top level leagues and organizations. Excluding regional championships, 48 of these 100 teams are vying for three completely separate national championships. Namely, the National Superleague (Superliga Nacional), the National League (Liga Nacional) and Touchdown Tournament (Torneio Touchdown).

The Leagues

Confederação Brasileira de Futebol Americano

The National Superleague (Superliga Nacional) is organized by the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol Americano (CBFA) or the Brazilian Football Confederation, and is in it’s fifth season. The CBFA has been officially recognized by the IFAF (International Federation of American Football) as the governing body of American Football in Brazil.

The CBFA manage and control Brazil national team, the Brasil Onças, who will be playing for the IFAF Americas countries last spot against Panama. This match is set for early 2015 and the winner will head to the 2015 Stockholm IFAF World Championship next July.

Originally named the Liga Brasileira de Futebol America, the named changed when the CFBA was established in 2012, and is now the Confederação Brasileira. In 2014 the CBFA divided the competition into two divisions: the National Superleague (1st division) and the National League (2nd division).

Most recently the Coritiba Crocodiles claimed the CFBA National Superliga title in 2013.

Learn more about the CFBA here!


Torneio Touchdown

The Torneio Touchdown, or Touchdown Tournament, also known as TTD, is the oldest competition in Brazil. Now in it’s sixth season, the first edition was held in 2009 and featured the participation of eight teams. Currently, 20 teams are participating in the championship. The TTD is a popular and privately-owned league and only invited teams may play.

CBFA and TTD are completely different entities and in each championship the teams do not compete with one another.

Most recently the Jaraguá Breakers were crowned TTD champions.

Learn more about the TTD here!

CBFA and TTD are completely different entities and in each championship the teams do not compete with one another.

The Teams

National Superliga

CoritibaCrocodilesMini Coritba Crocodiles Curitiba, PR
CuiabaArsenalMini Cuiabá Arsenal Cuiabá, MT
GoianiaRednecksMini Goiânia Rednecks Goiânia, GO
SaoJoseIsteposMini San José Istepos San José, SC
SaoPauloStormMini São Paulo Storm São Paulo, SP
AmericaBullsMini1 America Bulls Natal, RN
CearaCacadoresMini Ceara Hunters Fortaleza, CE
CearaFenixMini Ceara Fenix Fortaleza, CE
JoaoPessoaEspectrosMini João Pessoa Espectros João Pessoa, PB
RecifeMariners1 Recife Mariners Recife, PE
RecifePiratesMini Recife Pirates Recife, PE
SergipeBravosMini Sergipe Bravos Aracaju, SE
UfersaPetroleirosMini Ufersa Pertroleiros Mossley, RN


Torneio Touchdown

Vila Velha Tritões Vila Velha Tritões  Vila Velha, ES
Botafogo Reptiles Botafogo Reptiles  Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Lusa Rhynos Lusa Rhynos  São Paulo, SP
Vitória Antares Vitória Antares  Vitória, ES
Ipatinga Tigres Ipatinga Tigres   Ipatinga, MG
Timbó Rex Timbó Rex Timbó, SC
Paraná HP Paraná HP Curitiba, PR
Jaraguá Breakers Jaraguá Breakers Jaraguá do Sul, SC
Juventude Gladiators Juventude Gladiators Caxias do Sul, RS
Porto Alegre Bulls Porto Alegre Bulls Porto Alegre, RS
Flamengo FA Flamengo FA Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Corinthians Steamrollers Corinthians Steamrollers São Paulo, SP
Botafogo Challengers Botafogo Challengers Ribeirão Preto, SP
Uberlândia Lobos Uberlândia Lobos Uberlândia, MG
Campo Grande Gravediggers Campo Grande Gravediggers Campo Grande, MS
Vasco da Gama Patriotas Vasco da Gama Patriotas Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Santos Tsunami Santos Tsunami Santos, SP
Brasília V8 Brasília V8 Brasília, DF
Tubarões do Cerrado Tubarões do Cerrado Brasília, DF
Minas Locomotiva Minas Locomotiva  Belo Horizonte, MG


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