International Federation of American Football releases new rules and interpretations for 2018

The International Federation of American Football Rules Committee has issued a new rules and interpretations document for the 2018 season which has been sent out to federations throughout the world.

The 187-page document contains a number of changes although none it would seem of a significant nature. They are indicated by in boxes.

The significance of the document is that it has been issued at all. According to an IFAF official, it has been sent to members in “good standing”. The IFAF Paris website,, contains the 2017 Rules and Interpretations document.

Whether this means the start of the return to “football normalcy” is another question. There is still the matter of the looming expulsion from  GAISF, Global Association of International Sports Federations for non payment of debts. 

And CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) has still not rendered its final ruling on which IFAF, IFAF New York or IFAF Paris, is the official governing body of international American football.

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