International Federation of American Football gains IOC recognition

Following many years of incredibly hard work and dedication, the International Federation of American Football gained full recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in a vote of the IOC Session this past weekend in Mumbai, India.

IFAF, the international governing body of American Football associations, has grown immensely since its inception in 1998 and now has 74 national member federations spread across five continents supporting millions of players.

IFAF President Pierre Trochet:

IFAF has today been confirmed as a fully recognized International Federation by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), following a vote of the IOC Session in Mumbai, India.

This recognition is for all of us.

It is the product of a rigorous evaluation over many years, and I wish to thank the IOC’s Sport Department for their ongoing guidance and the IOC members for their trust.

IFAF’s new status recognises our growth, our unity, and our shared commitment to drive forward our sport in line with best global practice, and with athletes at the core, building on the work of all those who have gone before us.

I would like, especially, to acknowledge the contribution of my predecessor Richard MacLean, and that of IFAF Managing Director Andy Fuller, who has worked tirelessly in leading our coordination with the IOC executive.

While many eyes in our community are focused on Monday’s IOC vote regarding the inclusion of flag football at the Olympic Games Los Angeles 2028, it is also important that today’s moment should not go unnoticed.

Because it is the symbol of the journey we have been on over 25 years – a quarter century in which we have grown to 74 national member federations across 5 continents, supporting millions of players.

It is also the best expression of our determination to strengthen the presence of American football in the Olympic Movement over the long term.

Concretely, full IOC recognition will bring trickle-down benefits throughout our community and across all formats of the sport, at both performance and grassroots levels – for example through greater integration with national Olympic structures. I look forward to discussing these opportunities with you personally in the months to come.

The work does not stop here but I hope, as a global community, that we can all take a moment to celebrate today, knowing that this is just the start for our sport, our federation and our global American football family.

Thank you for your continuing support – and congratulations.


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