International Friendly: Algerian National Team v. Switzerland’s Neuchâtel Knights

Knights to host Algeria national this Saturday, October 4th!

This Saturday, October 4th, 2014 the Algerian National American Football team will travel to Switzerland to face the Neuchâtel Knights at Stade de la Maladière for an international American football friendly.

Switzerland’s Neuchâtel Knights have already met two Arab teams, Morocco last year and in Kuwait back in January. They are eager to meet new teams on the gridrion and encourage clubs to reach out them on their Facebook page.Algeria AAFT

Although they will not be traveling to Stockholm, Sweden next summer to compete in the the 2015 IFAF World Championships, Algeria is a new serious American football nation in Africa. It will glean a place for the International Federation of American Football’s World Championship in 2019.

The AAFT (Algerian American Football Team) has strong ambitions to develop American football in Algeria. This includes creating a national American football sports charter which will enhance education of the sport. The team is actively seeking sponsors and volunteers to accompany them in their adventure. Check out this full interview and  profile the team did with American Football International HERE. 

You can contact them for more information on their Facebook page HERE.

Preview Teaser for Saturday’s Match!

Highlights Film from last year’s match up!

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