Is Football the Best Taught Subject In American High Schools?

An American high school English instructor from Brooklyn, New York made an eye-opening observation and it went viral last year. According to Dorothy Farnan,

“Football may be the best taught subject in American high schools because it may be the only subject that we have not tried to make easy,”

The quote was widely distributed including on Doug Samuels of called it:

“The best quote about high school football I have ever seen… And it comes from the lips of the chairman of an English department at a high school in Brooklyn of all people. Unlike Math or Science, there are no shortcuts in football to get to the desired outcome. Football is all about hard work and the sweat equity that you put into it, and many of its lessons aren’t fully realized until years after you’ve handed in your pads for the last time.”

At a time when children get coddled instead of disciplined, high school valedictorians and salutatorians are being eliminated because the titles may discourage students who didn’t earn them, and college students are demanding “safe spaces” where they can function without their ideas being challenged, high school sports remain one of the few places young Americans can learn life lessons before being thrust into the “real world.”

That is, at least until they start handing out participation trophies. Football always has, and always will have its fair share of pundits and critics, but it’s refreshing to see the someone in a position like like Ms. Farnan come out in support of a game that is so often under attack.

By the way, the original location of the sign has been identified.

Feature image photo: William Jones,



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