Is former Browns left tackle Joe Thomas joining the Ravens? (No, not those Ravens)

By Dan Labbe,

CLEVELAND, Ohio — It sounds like Browns Hall of Fame left tackle Joe Thomas is preparing to coach with the Ravens next year — but not the Ravens in Baltimore.

In an interview with reporter Icke Dommisch on the ran Football YouTube channel, Thomas said he plans to coach with the Munich Ravens next year, one of 17 teams in the European League of Football.

It was unclear from Thomas’ answers if the position would be a full-time coaching position, if it would be similar to when he has helped with the Browns in the past or something in between.

“I’m just hoping to come out and coach some of the guys next year for the next season,” Thomas, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August, said in the interview. “I’ve got a deep passion for football, I’ve got German roots, I was here for the NFL game last fall and put some connections together. Love to come out here and share some of my experience and wealth of football knowledge with these guys and see if we can bring a championship to Munich.”

Dommisch pressed a little more, asking if Thomas was, in fact, considering coaching for a team in Europe that plays a 12-game season that starts in June.

“The plan is that’s what’s going to happen unless something derails it, which [it] could of course,” Thomas said, “but I just have such a love for this game and to help spread it internationally, especially after being here last fall and seeing the passion for American football in Germany and to be here when that continues to grow, I think that would be really special.”

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