Football suspended in Israel for past two weeks

News reached American Football International yesterday that the Israeli Football League suspended all football-related activities two weeks ago.

Club managers received a message from the league announcing the suspension of games on March 12.

Here is the letter:

Hello everyone,

With great regret and responsibility for the safety and health of the players, and after many discussions between the league managers, the various and the members of the Executive Committee, the decision was made to postpone all the games that take place as part of the association until further notice.

The decision comes from considering the health of the players, teams, referees and all supporters of the game.

Also, not all teams are able to control the size of the audience that comes to the games and are unable to ensure a gathering of fewer than 100 people as required by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

This consideration takes into account not only on the different games but also on the arrival of players and people to the games.

As soon as the games can be held, the association will act according to official instructions from the Ministry of Health.

Hoping for better days,

Steve Leibowitz Yona Mashan Shana Sprang Uriah Lubberum

Executive Committee

Current coronavirus situation in Israel

The number of diagnosed cases of the deadly coronavirus in Israel took another leap Monday, reaching 1,442, an increase of 371 since the day before. The increase of 371 appeared to be the biggest single-day jump of confirmed cases of the disease, despite increasingly strict measures to limit public life in the country. One person has died of the disease.


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