Italian football player takes page from Boise State, proposes after game

Much like Boise State running back Ian Johnson’s famous marriage proposal after the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, Carlo Mondi of the Palermo Sharks on the island of Sicily was surrounded by his teammates. Although in this case not in front of millions of television viewers.

Mondi plays for the Sharks and he decided to make March 19, already a special day for his girlfriend Marialuisa, a very special day indeed.

After a lopsided 50-2 victory over crosstown rivals, the Palermo Cardinals, without telling anyone on his team in advance, in the final huddle he decided to propose to Marialuisa. 

We asked Carlo more about the marriage proposal and about his team.

American Football International: You proposed to your girlfriend right after a football game? Why then and in front of the team?
Carlo Mondi: March 19 has always been a very special day for Marialuisa, and as destiny would have it, my team, the Sharks Palermo, was playing a game that day against the other team from Palermo, the Cardinals.A game historically felt by both teams.

AFI: Did you win the game?

Mondi: We won the match 50-2, and it was in the final huddle that I decided to make the proposal.

AFI: Was this a surprise for everyone?

Mondi: For Marialuisa it was an absolute and unexpected surprise, as well as for the whole team. No one knew what I would do.

AFI: How long had you been planning this?

Mondi: I planned to make a proposal about one month before, and managed to do it just like I imagined.

AFI: How long have you been playing football?

Mondi: I have been playing American football for 10 years as WR / TE, and I also deal with the management team aspect.

AFI: Why did you want to propose in front of your teammates?

Mondi: I wanted to share this moment with my team because for me they are my “second family”, where over the years great friendships have been born. In the Sharks Palermo I have grown from a human point of view and where respect, sacrifice and dedication are the foundations of our team. Values that will be the foundation for my future family.

We congratulate you Carlo and your fiance Marialuisa.

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