Ancona Dolphins’ Ryan Kasdorf tops all QBs after Week 2 in Italy

After the first two weeks of the season in I Divisione of the Italian Football League, the Lazio Marines and Milano Seamen have moved out in front each with 2-0 records. The Seamen’s offense has produced 79 points in two games to top the league, with the  Ancona Dolphins at 1-1 in second with 50 points scored.


Ancona Dolphin’s Ryan Kasdorf has jumped out to lead all quarterbacks in Italy in passing yardage with 497 yards and five touchdowns. Firenze Guelfi quarterback Eddie Printz despite a 0-2 record, is not far behind with 412 passing yards and five touchdowns.


Michele Marchini has been the key target for Ancona’s quarterback Ryan Kasdorf and has racked up 223 yards and two touchdowns in two games to lead all receivers. Michael Vanucci is making his presence known as a receiver for the Firenze Guelfi with his 201 yards and three touchdowns in two games.


The 1-1 Torino Jaguars intend to rely heavily on the run in 2017 as running back Luigi Cotrone proves. He is by far the leading rusher in Italy with 278 yards and two touchdowns averaging 139 yards per game. Lazio’s Nicholas Bussoletti has helped the Marines to a 2-0 record with 111 yards rushing. Besides leading the league in passing, Ancona Dolphins’ Ryan Kasdorf tops all quarterbacks in rushing yardage as well with 97 yards in two games.

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