Italy: Milano Seamen OC Marcus Herford discusses semifinal matchup with Lazio Ducks

Milano Seamen offensive coordinator Marcus Herford returned to the number one ranked Seamen (Europe #13) this season and has the offense again leading the league in points scored and passing.  Milano faces the Lazio Ducks in one of the two semifinal games this weekend, the same opponent they played last year in the semis. The Seamen are looking to advance to the Italian Bowl for the sixth time in seven years. They have won four of the last six championships.

American Football International: This is your fourth season in Europe and second coaching with the Milano Seamen. You were in the same position last year, getting ready to play the Lazio Ducks in the Italian semifinals. What is different about this season?

Marcus Herford: The difference this season is we faced much more adversity than last season. This season we saw that showing up just isn’t going to cut it every game but we have to come out and play to Win and not Play NOT to lose.

AFI: You demolished Lazio 51-0 in your last meeting six weeks ago. How do you keep your team from taking them for granted this time and looking past them to the Italian Bowl?

MH: Our coaching staff have done a great job over this time making sure our guys understand it’s the playoffs. What happened in the regular season doesn’t matter at all. They were missing perhaps their best offensive weapon which makes a big difference.

AFI: The Ducks have a different quarterback in Tyler Johnson, more mobile on his feet. How much of a challenge does he present?

MH: Tyler Johnson definitely has the Intangibles to make life hard on any opposing defense because of his athleticism and ability to pass the ball. Anytime as a defense you face a Mobile QB the broken plays are the ones you can’t account for so everyone has to do their job and most important get to the ball.

AFI: Stefano di Tunisi had a great game in the last outing against Lazio with 169 yards receiving and three touchdowns. Are you expecting another big game from him?

MH: Anytime DiTu steps on the field we definitely expect big things merely due to the fact he is a veteran. Yes, he is a great player but being a Vet definitely adds another element that he is able to use.

AFI: You have the most potent passing attack in Italy but your ground game is ranked seventh in the league. Do you think you need to improve in that area to get past Lazio?

MH: I believe in order to get past Lazio we must play our game and adjust to the adjustments. I am big I’m taking what defenses give me. One of our strongest weapons is the depth at the WR position so that has a lot to do with the success we have had in the passing game. Our run game has definitely picked up over the past few games so at the end of the day we have to take what they give us throughout the flow of the game.

Last word from Marcus Herford: I would like to thank you Roger for reaching out and always being a great person to interview with. I would also urge everyone to tune in if your at home or if your in Milan or near Milan be at Vigorili cheering us on.

The Seamen face the Lazio Ducks Sunday, June 23 at 6 pm. If you’re unable to attend the game in person, you will be able to watch the it live here on American Football International.


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