Italy: Milano Seamen stomp Modena Vipers in statement win, Parma continues return to top

The Italian Football League wound up its ninth weekend of play with a pair of games of impact on the standings.

The Milano Seamen have reclaimed all authority in the IFL and remained undefeated after a resounding victory over league upstarts, the Modena Vipers. Meanwhile, the Parma Panthers continued their climb back to respectability with a resounding win over the Milano Rhinos.

Milano Seamen (6-0) 44 – Modena Vipers (3-2) 15

Milano QB Luke Zahradka evading Modena Vipers defender Photo: Fabio Cubo

The Vipers Seamen game was touted to be one of the matchups of the season after Modena went on a three-game win streak over the likes of defending Italian champions, the Parma Panthers and Lazio Ducks. But as the dust settled on the first game of the week, it was anything but a close contest.

Despite only scoring three points in the first quarter, the Seamen were able to outscore the Vipers 29-0 in the second and third quarters. What was more impressive was that they did it without the help of their play making receiver Markell Castle, who was held to just 24 yards by the Vipers defense.

In the place of Castle came Gianluca Santagostino, a former CFL Global Combine invite and one of Italy’s best receivers. Zahradka hit him for 102 yards and a touchdown on just four receptions. 

This galvanizing victory for the Seamen has come at a great time as this weekend they will go up against the number two team for the first time this season, the Firenze Guelfi.

Parma Panthers (4-2) 45 Milan Rhinos (1-5) 0

Parma RB Modest Pooda #4 Photo: Fabio Cubo

The second game of the weekend saw a Parma Panthers team assert their dominance over a struggling Rhinos squad.

From start to finish the Panthers put on a clinic in all three stages of the game. But the standout of the day was quarterback Brook Bolles who has recovered from a tumultuous start to the season. The young quarterback made plays with both his arm and legs, still without the help of outstanding Italian receiver Simone Alinovi.

Bolles finished the game with 271 yards passing with three touchdowns on just 18 completions. This win too comes at a perfect time with the Panthers first CEFL game coming up this weekend against Austria’s Danube Dragons.

Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.