Italy: Passing, Receiving, Rushing Leaders unchanged after Week 8

As the Italian Football League heads into the final two weekends of the 2017 regular season, the top passer, receiver and rusher have all maintained their leads although not by much as the playoffs loom. In fact, the Firenze Guelfi likely will not make the playoffs and yet boast the leading passer and receiver in Eddie Printz and Michael Vanucci. 


With a game in hand over all but two teams, Firenze Guelfi quarterback Eddie Printz continues to lead the league with his 2,058 yards and 18 touchdown passes after gaining the Guelfi’s second straight win of the year. The Guelfi are now sixth in scoring in the league. Dustin Willingham is keeping pace although he has played one game less. He now has 1,922 yards, averaging 275 yards per game, and a league-leading 23 TD passes. The Milano Seamen’s Luke Zahradka is still in third. His Seamen have the leading offense in Italy with 234 points behind his 1,513 yards passing. Ancona’s Ryan Kasdorf remains in fourth with his 1,471 yards  and Tommaso Monardi from the Parma Panthers is edging closer with 1,143 yards passing and 12 TDs


Firenze Guelfi wide receiver Michael Vanucci still leads the country with 882 yards in receiving which accounts for almost half of quarterback Eddie Printz’s totals. It is no surprise that the second leading receiver is now the Bolzano Giants Mark Simone with 620 yards with teammate Marco Bonacci right behind with his 601 yards and 10 TDs.  UTA’s Mattee Spada has jumped up into fourth after impressive performances over the past two weeks with 526 yards. Finally, the Rhinos Tommaso Finadri has edged into fifth with 415 yards.


Torino Giaguari’s running back Louis Cotrone still tops the league in Italy with 603 yards in eight games. Rhinos quarterback TJ Pryor remains in second  with 543 yards but leads in rushing TDS with nine. The Bergamo Lions have now won four straight games thanks in part to the versatility of quarterback Giorgio Bryant who is third in rushing with 449 yards. Caleb Watkins is the only bright spot for the winless Roma Grizzlies and is now the fourth leading rusher in Italy with 435 yards. Finally the Parma Panthers Alessandro Malpeli Avalli  is now in fifth with 365 yards rushing as Parma improves to 6-1.

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